IMVU’s 2024 Shopping Guide exclusively by Staff Designers

Step into the forefront of fashion with IMVU’s 2024 Shopping Guide, expertly chosen by our 

team of talented Staff Designers. This exclusive guide is your ultimate roadmap to future trends, allowing you to elevate your IMVU style effortlessly.

Get ready to explore and embrace the hottest styles of 2024! Happy shopping, trendsetter!

The retro streetwear trend embraces a fusion of nostalgic elements from past fashion eras while blending vintage aesthetics with a modern and edgy urban style.

Shop the Outfits Featured (shown left to right): Retro ‘Fit #1, Retro ‘Fit #2, Retro ‘Fit #3

Shop the Creators Featured: nnoanna, Combos, Yalla, Sunflora

Get ready for the cool allure of silver tones and sleek chrome finishes – the metallic trend is heating up! Embrace the trend, and let your style make a statement that’s both cool and bold. 

Shop the Outfit & Items Featured: Metallic ‘Fit, Slime Silver Top, Silver Boots, Heart Spike Choker, Spice Pearl Choker, Chrome Purse, Hair Clips 

Shop the Creators Featured: Creme, DezzBankz, awmy, FullOutfits, Milkbot, arp, Koye, loveletter, SoulboundVixen

The jelly trend featuring bubbly styles will take the fashion and decor world by storm. This whimsical and playful trend introduces a vibrant pastel and translucent aesthetic that’s reminiscent of jelly-like textures. 

Shop the Outfits: Jelly ‘Fit #1, Jelly ‘Fit #2 

Shop the Creator’s Featured: imPoppyyLadyKelle, Ghostling, Evyione, MrsSkywalkerr, DareWear, Neoxie

The coquette trend combines charm and sophistication while redefining contemporary style with a flirty touch! It features soft pastels, elegant silhouettes, delicate lace details, and subtly ruffled fabrics, creating a romantic and playful aesthetic that fuses timeless elegance.

Shop the Outfits: Coquette ’Fit #1, Coquette ‘Fit #2

Shop the Creator’s Featured: Purity, Yuuasa, Tekanna, Lalie, Hypeshop, Prey, Myuki, Purity

The blue beauty trend is captivating the beauty industry with its vibrant and bold approach. This trend encourages individuals to embrace the spectrum of blue shades to create a striking look.

Shop the Outfit Featured: Blue Beauty ‘Fit  

Shop the Creator’s Featured: Alltea, Form, IIPIN4YII, Creme, OBJE