Social Club: IMVU in Wonderland

IMVU is the social club you always wanted to join; check out everything we have coming your way and how you can boost your IMVU experience. Even more will be added to the schedule as it becomes available.

This month, we are diving into all the wonderful, fantastical, and magical parts of IMVU and we hope you’ll follow us down the rabbit hole! March is officially our month of all things fantasy, which is why we’re excited to bring you so many wonderful challenges, events, and perks!

imvu in wonderland header image with alice like avatar in a fantastical world

Your Wonderland Social Calendar

Weekend Outfit Challenges

Every Friday, we’re launching a new Weekend Outfit Challenge (WOC), but in our fantasy theme. We love to keep a few surprises under our hats, so be sure to check your messages every Monday, follow us on Discover, or follow us on Instagram @IMVU for the latest updates. 

WOC Reward Bonus

Every Weekend Outfit Challenge winner in March will receive a bonus reward! If you snag the top reward for WOC, we’ll gift you a free month of Diamond VIP status. Just because! 

Login Gifts

When you join our exclusive VIP program this month, you’ll receive a free login gift. This month, we’re giving away a fully decorated Wonderland room decked out with exclusive furniture designs. This room has been imagined and designed by Kyliediane. Additionally, you’ll snag exclusive Wonderland pets created by MiakasCreations. Follow your own white rabbit or trade riddles with a cheshire cat! 

You’ll need to join VIP by March 23 at noon PT to snag these gifts. 

Wonderland Outfit Challenge

On Friday, March 24, the Weekend Outfit Challenge will be transformed into a Wonderland Outfit Challenge. Full details will be available on Discover and Instagram, but the most important information you need is that our winner will receive 5,000 VCOIN or 20,000 Credits and every featured runner-up will also receive 2,500 VCOIN or 5,000 Credits. 

Participants should plan to post their outfit from their exclusive Wonderland decorated room (see above) for an extra chance to be featured and take home the big prize! 

VIP Wonderland Party

Once your fit is 100% magical and fantastical, join us at our exclusive VIP Wonderland Party. To receive your invitation, you must join our VIP program by March 23 at noon PT. Your invitation will then be emailed to you on Friday, March 24. Party details will only be revealed to VIPs.

You can join our VIP program, all tiers are welcome.

VU Influencer Parties

All month long, we’re hosting parties on IMVU from your VU Influencers! Check out the dates and themes and how you can attend! 

  • Saturday, March 11 at 7 pm CST, Fairies in the Meadow hosted by S4L3H / Meet new friends, contests, and gift giveaways. Join here on March 11.
  • Friday, March 17 at 5 pm UTC, Under the Rainbow hosted by MikeyMoon007 / Dress up and explore the wonderland. Join here on March 17.
  • Thursday, March 23 at 3pm EST, Land of the Fairies hosted by Togram / Flit fancy-free through a truly magical world. Join here on March 23.

Even More Fun Around IMVU

Mythical Multiverse Creator Contest

If you’re an imaginative creator, enter our latest contest so your collection is featured in April. Step into your own universe and create a brand new superhero, straight from your imagination! 

If your superheroes are selected, you’ll receive awesome prizes like thousands of Credits, a Public Chat Room Slot, Badges, or even FREE VIP Membership! Get started here.

First Ever Age Verification Gift

In celebration of St.Patrick’s Day, we are giving out an exclusive green jacket to Age Verified (AV)* users. Log in starting on Friday, March 17th at 9am PT to receive this lucky gift. This is the first AV gift of many this year, so mark your calendars to collect them all! 

If you aren’t Age Verified yet, you can do so by following the steps below: 

  1. Buy an AV Token under Upgrades on Desktop
  2. Follow the instructions to get verified
  3. Check your AV status on the Subscriptions page under Settings

*Must be 18+ years old to get age verification status. Must verify age by 3/14/23, Tuesday, 11:59pm PT to receive the exclusive AV gift.