What does IMVU mean to you?

IMVU has been a huge part of my life since 2012. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, which forced me to be homebound and otherwise isolated from my friends. During that time, I found my social life on IMVU and was able to meet and chat with new people from different walks of life. Three years in remission, I am still best friends with users, like Beige, who continue to give me a reason to smile everyday,” says IMVU user, Refill.

For the last 13 years, IMVU has seen millions of users find friendships through customizing their own avatar, chatting in elaborate 3D chat rooms, and connecting with friends worldwide. We are often asked how IMVU is still around after more than a decade, and rather than try to answer that ourselves, we went to our community so they can share their voice.

Here’s what IMVU means to them.

User: Refill

“IMVU facilitated the connections and friendships I’ve made. I have met some wonderful individuals who are not only part of my virtual world but now part of my daily life outside of IMVU. IMVU helps connect people from very different backgrounds and cultures, with similar interest.” — @LibidoScarlett

“IMVU has helped me through a lot. Life can be stressful sometimes and IMVU gives you a way to escape from your reality to just have fun with friends. I love meeting new people and sharing adventures.” — @EmilyHeart

User: @VictoriaZ0mbie

“I met a very important person 9 years ago using IMVU. We’re still in contact now and best friends even though we live miles and miles apart. I even flew over to America to meet them in person 2 years ago.” — @Keata Bridgwood

“IMVU is the most fun you can have in the whole world. You meet new people, make friends, find romance, and rise to fame. Everything you can image that is fun and good happens on IMVU.” — @Harlley Carter

“I like how IMVU allows me to capture my creativity to make my own avatar in my own way. Everyone has a different style and it’s so cool to see how everyone makes their avatar look like a piece of their own.” — @Brittany

“IMVU is life to me. When Get Matched was added, it actually worked. I found my soulmate and despite living far apart for the past two years, we decided to get married next year and move in together.” — @ToyGarland 

User: @ToyGarland

“I met the girl of my dreams 9 years ago right on IMVU. Four years later, I moved to her country, married her, and lived for the last 5 years in Sweden with her. Despite the fact we divorced last year, it’s been the best 9 years of my life.” — @LukaszHult

“IMVU is a place to escape reality and be myself without judgment. It’s where your wildest dreams can come true, you can make great friends, and you’re never alone.” — @TeddyKittyLove

“IMVU is a place where I can have creative freedom, have fun, and spend time with close friends I have met online. It’s also a place where I can spend time with the person that I love.” — @Kigga

User: @RhettForester

“IMVU is a place where I can escape from my real life problems for just a minute so that I can have fun with friends. I’m pretty anti-social in college, but on IMVU, I love that I can safely talk to anyone.” — @AyeItsAnahi

At IMVU, we are the epicenter for creative social expression, an online experience where people can curate their ideal identities, express themselves visually, hang out with their friends, and make new ones with people from all over the world. IMVU is where anything is possible, you can be who you want to be, and it’s more fun than you ever dreamed.

Who will you meet?