IMVU’s Fright Fest 2021

It’s officially Halloween! ????  And on IMVU, it’s our favorite day of the year. We’ve seen some of your spooktacular costumes and ghoulish get ups, but what is the fun of dressing up without a party to show it off?! ????

With Halloween right around the corner, one of the scariest things that can happen to a person on the spookiest night of the year is not having plans in place. ????We asked our community to share the details of all the Halloween parties coming up on IMVU.  Here is the full list of everything that’s happening! Feel free to stop by to trick or treat or say hello and make new friends.

PS.  If you still don’t have a costume, be sure to check out the latest Halloween Showcase from our Creators.  A sneak peak at all the creepy costumes below.

Happy Haunting! ????????????

PYT Spooky Huge VCOIN Gifting Event

Date: Oct.15 @ 7pm (rescheduled) PST

IMVU: PrettyYoungThang4

IG: twymmfpoetry

Room: PYT Spooky Patch

VCOIN Halloween Extravaganza

Date: Oct. 16 @ 4pm PST to 6pm EST

IMVU: loelle


Room: VCOIN Extravaganza

Field of Screams

Date: Oct. 22nd @ 2pm PST

IMVU: PoppaJoe

IG: PoppaJoe_IMVU

Room: Field of Screams

Freak Show

Date: October 22nd @ 5pm PST

IMVU: Sinful78


Room: Freak Show 2.0

Vues in Wonderland

Date: Oct. 27 @ 3pm PST

IMVU: vues


Room: Vues in Wonderland

Yalla’s Dolls Present Halloween Scavenger Hunt & Party

Date: October 27th @5pm pst

IMVU: Yalla


Room: The Dolls Halloween Hunt

The Black Cat’s Meow

Date: Oct. 28 @ 1 pm PST / 11 pm CEST

IMVU: LadyBarbiee

IG: barbie_blondie_vu

Room: The Black Cat’s Meow

Wizard and Witches Live Dinner Party

Date: Oct. 28 @ 1 pm PST

IMVU: Gasset

Room: Wizard and Witches

Haunted Hallows

Date: Oct. 28 @ 9pm PST

IMVU: Ellvia

IG: ellviaimvu

Room: Haunted Hallows

Stephy’s Halloween Spooktacular Night

Date: Oct. 29, 30th and 31st @2pm-5pm PST


IG: ooxstephyxoo

Room: The Haunted Manor

Halloween Fashion Show

Date: Oct. 30th @ 12 pm PST

IMVU: Yannomi

IG: Yannomi_IMVU

Room: TBD

Halloween Monster Bash

Date: Oct. 30th @ 12 pm PST

IMVU: CrownedSeven

IG: CrownedSeven

Room: CS Halloween Monster Bash


Date: Oct. 30th @ 3 pm PST

IMVU: LShabii


Room: Booday Party

Halloween Costume Party 2021

Date: Oct. 30th @ 3:15pm PST

IMVU: Raine95

IG: hisbabygirlraine576

Room: Halloween Costume Party 2021


Date: Oct. 30th @ 4pm PST

IMVU: YvonneM

IG: Yvonnem_vl

Room: Scarefest

Trick or Treat Party @ Truth’s Night Club

Date: Oct. 30 @ 4pm PST

IMVU: RoyalAmbitiousTruth

IG: Ambitiousqueen_imvu

Room: Truths Night Club

Pier Carnival Halloween Fright Night

Date: Oct. 24th @ 12 pm PST

IMVU: Naitve


Room: Naitve Pier Fright Night

Happy Halloween Giveaway

Date: October 27 @ 2pm PST


IG: rm0chvu

Room: Hotel TransylVU