Get The VU Look: Sun-Kissed Nose

Give us summer and nothing else. This week on “Get The Vu Look,” we’re focused on a different accessory to help you get the best summer look – a sun-kissed nose.

Whether that means a little flush on your nose/cheeks or some summer sprinkles (or freckles, if you will), you can set your avatar to have a little kiss from the IMVU sun, without any of the RL burn.

Getting freckles or a little blush is a bit tricky, however, on IMVU. The wrong freckles will lay on top of your face, but will look like it’s floating if you turn your avi to the side. Blush can sometimes appear to go across your whole face… even extending all the way to your ears.

Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid this issue.

An easy trick is to look for specific skins that have a “sun kissed” look to them.

User: Triskys (click on “tags” for an outfit breakdown!)

To browse, open your Desktop App and look at “Skins” under “Women” or “Men” when you’re in Shop. Little tip: search keywords like “sun kissed” or even “cute” to get the slight pinkish nose.

Or you can add in a blush that goes across the nose, for a sunburnt look, which is under “Accessories”.

User: MariellaFerrari (click on “tags” for an outfit breakdown!)

To have a more tailored look for your avatar, try matching up the blush/freckles that is associated with your avatar head.

Under “Clothing,” look at what you are “Wearing” and take note of which head you are wearing. From there, search your head name under “Accessories” and all accessories that have been created for that specific head will appear.


Choose the blush or freckles that are associated with your avatar head to add on your face.

IMVUZoey (click on “tags” for an outfit breakdown!)

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