True You

Beyond the filters that Instagram provides, or the hashtags that Twitter deem are necessary, IMVU is a world in which users can truly be themselves. In a world that saturates our screens with a normalized standard of beauty, the hunger for realness and authenticity is becoming increasingly prevalent. And while at first glance, it may seem counterintuitive for a digital avatar to represent the authentic self, when you’re tasked to build your own likeness, what users can rely on is the representation and the person behind the avatar. 

Being yourself on IMVU is nothing new. We hear from our users, “I have had several subjects of conversation with people, which maybe in real life I never would have” and “IMVU has given me the confidence to be myself more”. 

“Being yourself” is the essence of what builds the IMVU community. And in a world in which the community in turn has to build their physical self, this sentiment permeates into the millions of products that are created on the platform. 

Vitiligo skin, scalers, and clothing products with acronyms (like ‘RLL’, aka real life large) in their title to denote a fuller figure have increasingly been in the forefront of our Shop in the past few years. And it is with this shift that True You was born. 

Category: Skins; Creator: Ziara; Product Name: $ Milani – Vitiligo

This month, we focus on all the unique products that make up the real you so that you can celebrate your true self as represented in your IMVU avatar. With summer in full swing, and the topic of embracing one’s body becoming stronger and stronger in the universal ethos, True You works to illuminate the products that have been pushing boundaries since day one. 

Category: Skins; Creator: Hydrah; Product Name: H, Albino

We have also worked with Creator DeadlySin to create a new body mesh, denoted with HD for “hip dips”. Providing a more realistic, 3D feel for your avatar, the HD body mesh won’t have you disappear from the side, despite having a curvier look from the front.  

The body mesh is set to be derivable in an effort to have the catalog continue on the wave that you have already set in motion. 

IMVU is, and has always been, about you and the entire community.  What you share in your creativity and self expression is what defines the spirit of IMVU. We have always been inspired by you, and invite you to join us celebrating the True You. Let us know what your favorite features are, and why. We look forward to seeing you.