Tip Your Hosts!

When a show’s that good, you leave a Tip! Tipping is now available in Live Rooms. 

Live Rooms is the best place on IMVU to see, and be seen. With all the work that your Hosts go through to put on an event, send a Tip to encourage them to continue the program!

Simply enter any Live Room in Chat. When you want to send a vote of confidence, click the “C” icon on the bottom left of your chat bar.

Enter the amount that you want to send your Host.

Tips of 5,000 Credits or more will be highlighted in the chat.

If you want to send a private Tip to your Host, simply toggle “Tip Privately” to the right.

Enter the amount that you want to Tip.

You and your Host will receive a notification when the Tip goes through.

Join Live Rooms today!