Better Together in 2023: IMVU Besties

Peanut butter + Jelly. J.Lo + Ben. IMVU and your BFF. Literally, everything’s better together, especially when our besties join the fun. This January, to kick off the new year, we’re giving you a chance to invite your IRL best friend to join you online, and also gift them some incredible rewards. 

Starting January 17, we’re inviting you to share IMVU with someone awesome. Share this blog post, share an Instagram post, share an App link, but get them into IMVU stat. All new users will automatically earn 1,000 Promo Credits when they join and you’ll both get a chance to snag a free month of Platinum VIP access. 

Plus, check out our exclusiveVIP events, with even more opportunities to have fun with friends!

IMVU besties promo image

Get Started, Get Featured 

First thing, first! Invite your friends and help them get started on IMVU. You remember your n00b days; show your friends around, get the perfect fit, and invite them to your fave chat room! Once they’re settled in, take that perfect pic and post it to your feed (and Instagram as a bonus!) using #IMVUBesties. Encourage your friend to do the same for double the chance of being featured! Emails to staff do not qualify as an entry.

Your photo must include you and at least one friend and your post must include the hashtag #IMVUBesties in the caption.

Throughout the week, IMVU will feature our fave besties and 15 lucky pairs* will be selected to receive a FREE month of VIP Platinum status! Our 15 Better Together pairs will be featured both in this blog and on Instagram (@IMVU).

*Both users featured in a post will receive VIP Platinum or equivalent status. If a post features more than one additional friend, only two users will receive free VIP status.

Featured Besties

Congrats to our featured besties, listed in order of appearance. Check your accounts for your free VIP Platinum status. 

 Row 1: Deea + iibabygirl | DhruvX7 + Ryn846269 | ICIJUI + CLRARA + ShiningStar

Row 2: IIiZZYII + IUN4 | Jewly + Jewlie | KatalinaAva + Kate673566

Row 3: kehlanidej + niykeejeremiah | L1ZZZYY + Josephinneee | Medciue1 + luvliz66

Row 4: MsEma + MrsEmiYonuz | Q1i5 + a1i5 | Samjaymen1 + Ch4ndani

Row 5: Z3Z0 + xLunaArmanix | xLunaArmanix + XxDemonicaxX | Xjenifer + Mrs Emi younz

IMVU Besties Deea and iibabygirl
IMVU Besties DhruvX7 and Ryn846269
IMVU Besties ICIJUI and CLRARA and ShiningStar
IMVU Besties IIiZZYII and IUN4
IMVU Besties Jewly and Jewlie
IMVU Besties KatalinaAva and Kate673566
IMVU Besties kehlanidej and Playboyy
IMVU Besties L1ZZZYY and Josephinneee
IMVU Besties Medciue1 and luvliz66
IMVU Besties MsEma and MrsEmiYonuz
IMVU Besties Q1i5 and a1i5
IMVU Besties Samjaymen1 and Ch4ndani
IMVU Besties Z3Z0 and xLunaArmanix
IMVU Besties xLunaArmanix and XxDemonicaxX
IMVU Besties Xjenifer and

VIP Exclusive Rewards

VIP Party Pals

For our VIP friends, take your friendship to the next level when you bring a friend to our exclusive VIP Party Pals event on Thursday, January 26 at 10am PT and Friday, January 27 at 3pm PT. For all our current VIPs, you’ll receive a special link in your messages that you can send to one friend to bring them along to the event. This is your chance to show them the perks of your VIP life and of course treat them to a super fun party! Attend the party, post to your feed using #VIPBesties for a chance to be whitelisted to Discover.

If you aren’t VIP yet, be sure to join before 12 p.m. PST on Tuesday, January 24. We’ll finalize our official guest list on Tuesday, so don’t miss your chance! All VIP tiers are welcome, you can joinVIP using this link.

VIP Gift Giver

Are gifts your love language? Ya, us too! That’s why our Diamond VIPs can call in and give the gift of Gold VIP to one friend, starting January 23. Follow these guidelines and call before February 1 to take advantage of this exclusive offer. This gift is only available for the first 300 VIPs who call.