15th Birthday Scavenger Hunt!

This year for our birthday, we’re throwing a HUGE birthday party. Only on IMVU. And YOU’RE INVITED.

On Monday, April 1st at 11am PT, we are hosting our first site-wide scavenger hunt! Tune into @IMVULive on Twitch to participate and celebrate 15 years with us.  FIFTEEN Winners will be awarded 5K CREDITS EACH!

The IMVU15 Scavenger Hunt will include fifteen rooms and fifteen clues for you to solve and take a photo of to complete your entry.  We labeled the official rooms with #IMVU15 in the title to commemorate our birthday. (To find: Search #IMVU15 in chat to join the official rooms. We’ll have multiples of the same room, so if one room is full, don’t fret and head into the other one!)

In the room description, you will find a clue to the action that you need to take within the room. Some will be easy, others will be harder, but all are up to you to solve.  A complete submission will include a photo of your avatar performing the action and posted on the Feed with a caption that says “#IMVU15” plus the Room Name.

Once you’ve performed all the actions, take each Feed link and enter it into this Google Form as your entry to the IMVU15 Scavenger Hunt.

Contest Rules:

  • Your avatar must be wearing the birthday login gift accessory in all photos. (Login gift will be added to your account automatically when you log in on Monday, April 1).
  • You must take a photo from the IMVU desktop app (i.e. no edited photos) and upload it to your Feed with the caption #IMVU15 + Room Title
  • Your avatar’s outfit must match the room theme, but top it off with the birthday login gift(i.e. don’t wear snow boots at a beach themed room!)
  • No duplicate entries allowed

The first FIFTEEN USERS to perform ALL FIFTEEN ACTIONS and submit a photo of each in the Google Form will win 5K CREDITS!

Follow the event on Twitch!