Go Beyond Social Media, Relationships, and Connection

What if there was a way to connect with more of our friends, near and far, to share “all the feels”, to have new ways to express ourselves, and to have the ability to put our best, sometimes most desired, self forward?

Nope, not Snapchat.

There is a space between social media, what we choose to share with the world, and actually hanging out with our friends face to face. What results is a carefully curated group of connections that only know you based on what you want them to know through status updates, photos, videos capturing the highlights in our day to day.

What’s missing is the ‘realness’, of everything in between the highlights. In fact, there is a world of possibility, which includes friends from all over the world to enrich your social life in ways you never imagined.

It’s called IMVU.

We believe life’s better when we’re connected. Our interactive platform empowers people to connect in a whole new way — an online experience where you can create your ideal identity, express yourself visually, hang out with your friends, and make new ones with people from all over the world.

IMVU has changed the lives of millions of people: created friendships in the loneliest of times, inspired creativity in the most unlikely places, turned online romance into real-life marriage, and provided hope through community in the midst of life’s challenges.


IMVU promises a chance to escape from the daily grind and the opportunity to build a community with online friends. When someone joins IMVU, we offer them the chance to create their true self, to meet somebody new, to make new things, feel all the feels, and share it all.

Ready to get started?

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