VU Model Winner: J0M!

September 2018 Winner

Behind the Avatar: The Face of IMVU @J0M


The next face of IMVU has been chosen!  Let us introduce you to J0M! As our 3rd VU Model winner, J0M has somewhat of a bad girl vibe who adores putting together outfits that focus on simplicity with an edge.

VUMARU interviewed J0M to learn more about her look and her story.

IMVU: How long have you been a user on IMVU? About 5 years. IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why? I love the Shop because I like making outfits and especially making outfits with my friends. It’s cool to try new things! I love IMVU because I know people from other countries. One of my best friends is from Egypt and we’ve been friends since I was 17 and now I am 22 years old. IMVU: What’s your favorite thing to do on IMVU? I love Walk Off!  I get to compete with other players and with my friends. It makes me so happy when I get a good score or better yet, when I win! ????❤ IMVU: What do you wish to do more of on IMVU? More Walk Off! IMVU: Who is your BFF on IMVU? (Please send us a photo of you two together!) My Boyfriend is my BFF here’s a photo of us together: IMVU: What’s your greatest strength? Weakness? My confidence and my weakness is everything I love. IMVU: Do you have any advice for model hopefuls in the community? Yes! Your avatar outfit should be simple.  Try not to put so many things on, because less is more. We thank J0M for taking the time for this interview. Check out the VU Model landing page for more information on this program. Open calls again soon! Open calls again soon! Remember to congratulate @J0M if you see her!