Animals on IMVU

Having a pet on IMVU is a lot of fun. You can have a companion that you can’t have in the real world, or just want the real warmth of cuddling with a virtual cat. Or you’re here because of #IMVUwoc_pets. There’s a few ways you can do this; here are some tips.

Furniture as pets

Have you ever run into a pegasus when walking through a dense forest, and then climbed atop it for an exhilarating ride through and above the trees, so high you could see the very dome of the world? Or what about in some fantastic room, finding hummingbirds who hover to give you a tiny kiss, or in a goth one, getting besieged by bats? 

These are examples of animals that are Furniture in a decorated room (Public, Private or Live), and the great thing about them is they tend to have surprisingly awesome animations built into their nodes. Some even have two or more.

TIP: Searching for the right animal furniture and adding it to a private room you own is definitely the easiest way of getting a great feed post with your “pet.” If you’re not used to decorating rooms, search for public rooms that are forests, zoos, parks, cat cafes, etc and take a look around.


Creator @Lync knows that even snarly direwolf furniture might have a snuggly action attached.

Accessories as pets

But perhaps you’re wanting a pet that follows you from room to room, not returns to grazing in the meadow once you’ve stroked their fur. It’s a comforting feeling to have a tiger who has your back when you’re clubbing. These are technically Accessories — you needn’t worry about them getting along with others, or cleaning up their mess, and you can stow them back in inventory whenever.

Your pet could be a kitten that can nod its head or roll over on command, a dog that can doze or bark, a small dragon, a swarm of butterflies around your head, an enormous and creepy spider, and on and on. You could even have several at once and be a walking menagerie. 

TIP: Pets in IMVU can be found in “Accessories”. Try searching “pet” and the animal type. Look for animals with animation (often denoted as “anim”) and/or actions if you want them to feel less taxidermied.


With Accesories, they come with you everywhere.This guy’s dogs, raven and swarm of butterflies follow him node to node and room to room

Avatars as pets

Creators have made dachshund-in-a-handbag sorts of Avatars that you can peruse and see if they work with your outfits. Many have actions you can trigger, or poses that trigger when you sit down.

Plus, there are folks who’ve made full-on animal avatars, so you can literally be someone else’s pet if that’s your sort of thing. And of course there’s lots of items in DNA categories for folks who want to be animal-like. We’re glad you’re here, and would like to give you an affectionate scratch behind the ears. Just, keep it GA, ok?

TIP: Clothes, poses, indeed all sorts of items with nonhuman avatars can have some unexpected and fun results. 



This avatar’s lucky cat gets petted when she sits down, and stands by her when she stands.

Yes, you can choose to be a variety of dragons on IMVU.The ones whose thumbnails are grey are just enormous in scale and have to be previewed to be believed.