Kitty Girls!!!! The Drag Race Queens Have Arrived!

Start Your Engines… The Queens have arrived! Meet the girls and may the best QUEEN, win!

The first official IMVU Drag Race has begun!  We have met the cast, and these queens are feeling gooped and looking gorrrrgeous for their runway debut.  Panthera, along with guest judges Carmen King and our very own Creator Roy, announced today the 7 queens who will engage in a glistening battle for the title of IMVU’s Best Drag Queen.  The first challenge was also announced – and our hennies are already working towards styling their out of this world Galactic Glamazon!

The IMVU Drag Race is currently taking place under host and YouTube star, Panthera, and new episodes will be featured on her channel every Friday throughout the month of June as part of IMVU’s celebration of PRIDE and the LGBTQIA community. Each week Panthera will announce a new outfit challenge for our Queens.  They will get 10K Credits each to style together an impeccably fierce look, and then compete on the runway for the battle of the crowns.  For each challenge, one winner will win 50K Credits, and will automatically become an official VU Model.  Unfortunately, one unlucky queen will be booted from the competition as she sashays away hennie. The winner of the final challenge – Best Drag Queen – will not only be crowned our very own IMVU Drag Queen Superstar, but she will also win 100K Credits and a VU Model title.

IMVU Drag Queen cast:

HOST: Panthera

“Check your dollar store wig, you’ll be needing a new one after watching this season!” says IMVU Drag Race Host Panthera.

Guest Judges: Roy and YouTube sensation Carmen King

“Embrace this new wave of fierce queens hunty, they’re coming to snatch the crown, even if an acrylic nail is lost in the process!” says IMVU Drag Race judge Carmen King.

Amante, IMVU User 10 years

Drag Queen Name: Ms La’Tina

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Amante: To me being proud of who I am, who I came to be, and the way that I am, shouldn’t be celebrated for just a month. Pride “month” for me is EVERY single day that I still breathe. I’m extravagantly proud and unapologetically unashamed of who I am, where I come from, and the struggles that I dealt with to get me where I am today. So with that being said, every day is my pride month to express who I am, and never hide away. I will always be the a proud Happy LGBT Latino.

Q: What does being a Drag Queen mean to you?

Amante: Well I think I would be a great addition to be IMVU’s Best Drag Queen. I’ve been on IMVU for 10 years. I’ve loved every moment of it. I enjoy the community, the atmosphere, and the acceptance that you can find throughout. It’s given me the chance to experience other cultures and other peoples’ backgrounds whilst sitting in the comfort of my home, and allowed me to create lasting friendships. Honestly that’s what it’s all about, and I think that’s what being a queen is all about. Being able to come together, learn together, teach and treat each other with respect. You need to be able to grow and prosper and re-plant that seed of acceptance and growth so that the next generation will grow up to be humble, and grateful for what they have been give.

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Davon, IMVU User 5 years

Drag Queen Name: Pink le Queen

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Davon: Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) means that it’s time to stand up for who you are and what you are – be proud with PRIDE like the entire LGBTQIA family. 🏳 🌈

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

Davon: Because I’ll moonwalk circles all over my competition on the catwalk!  I’m a QUEEN! <3

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Fently, IMVU User 2 years

Drag Queen Name: Fenty

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Fently: Pride means a lot to me. I am a gay male and I think pride is so much more than that. Pride is accepting who you are and what you have become over the years!

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

Fently: I know I’m IMVU’s best drag queen and I want to show my unique style that NO ONE has ever seen before.

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iTrap, IMVU User 5 years

Drag Queen Name: Miz Tilly

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

iTrap: Pride month is a modern time to celebrate the hard work that LGBTQIA people in past decades put in to making what people used to be forced into shame and hiding over to something we can be honest, open and proud about.

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

iTrap: I have something to show the world and I have something to say about Pride.

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Moistly, IMVU User 4 years

Drag Queen Name: Moist

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Moistly: Pride Month to me is a celebration of freedom and individuality. It’s like a rainbow appearing after a stormy day, many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have been oppressed and we get to have this month for us to celebrate.

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

Moistly: I think my style of drag is very different and conceptual, that I’d love to show to the IMVU community. I also want to represent us IMVU Drag Queens in a good light.

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Therapist, IMVU User 7 years

Drag Queen Name: Annie Oxidant

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Therapist: Pride to me, means that I am allowed to be myself, make my own rules, and I’m proud to be in the shoes I’m in.

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

Therapist: I have been counting down the days to participate in IMVU Drag Race. It gives me such a rush to compete, show my charisma, uniqueness, nerve, AND talent on the platform I enjoy most, IMVU. I’m a very active user and have been for 7 years, I’m a huge drag race fan, and and don’t have the guts to actually do drag in real life. IMVU is my second life and I’m able to express myself in any way. I would be so grateful to have this opportunity to show off my love and creative side, and become IMVU’s Best Drag Queen.

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Victorslayying, IMVU User 1 year

Drag Queen Name: Victoria Queen

Q: What does Pride mean to you?

Victorslayying: It means a lot to me because I’m gay on IMVU and in real life. I get a lot of hate for that but we are standing up for what’s right and that’s all that matters. If we wanna be different let us (!) nothing wrong with that.

Q: What does being a drag queen mean to you?

Victorslayying: Well because I’m gay and I have 200k+ followers on IMVU I’m already very well known. I dress up like a drag queen daily and I would love to be the face of hella drag queens! I think this will be a fun event – my outfits are dope and refreshing and I think I could compete with other drag queens for the throne. I’m very competitive but also I love Panthera!

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