The creative enthusiast behind our Drag Race Host – Panthera

Meet Panthera, self-prescribed internet warrior, former (current? jk!) troll, and hilarious entertainer.  She is the creator behind her popular Panthera YouTube page, which features episode upon episode of drama-filled entertainment designed to make you laugh and to take gaming less seriously. Recently, Panthera took an 8-month hiatus from her channel to redefine her creative voice, and she recently came back with a BANG.

A few months ago, Panthera pitched the idea to host a Drag Race after discovering the huge community of drag queens that are popular in real life and active on IMVU today.  She reached out and spoke to several of them with the idea and eventually found her way to the decision makers at IMVU itself. Borrowing inspiration from the RuPaul Drag Race, she is now hosting the first ever Drag Race competition and in perfect timing for our celebration of the LGBTQIA community for June’s PRIDE month.

As a person with a keen eye for creativity and brand, Panthera is behind the choice for each of the outfit challenges, rules, as well as the forthcoming selection and interaction with each of the contestants. She also is responsible for handpicking Roy to design and create the WERK Room and the Runway itself, spending hours on end to get all of the details just right.

Here is our latest Behind the Avatar interview with Panthera.

IMVU: How long have you been a user on IMVU?

Panthera: I first heard about it back in 2006, but only started playing properly 3 years ago!

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

Panthera: I LOVE the customizations and the personalization of it. You can literally be anything and look however you want!

IMVU: What’s your favorite thing to do on IMVU?

Panthera: SHOPPING! and building rooms 🙂

IMVU: What do you wish to do more of on IMVU?

Panthera: I’d love to meet people with similar interests!

IMVU: Who is your BFF on IMVU? (Please send us a photo of you two together!)

Panthera: uhh i have a bunch.. here’s a photo of me and my new buddy Roy!

IMVU: What’s your greatest strength? Weakness?

Panthera: My greatest strength is maybe.. my creativity, and my greatest weakness is.. my naivety.

IMVU: What was your favorite moment on IMVU that you can remember?

Panthera: I love meeting with my supporters!!! It always makes me smile 😀

IMVU: Do you have an Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Social media and would you like us to use it or shout you out?

@lolpanthera on Instagram. @lolpanthera on Twitter. @Panthera on Youtube.