Enter the #IMVUDaily and WIN Big Every Day!

Starting November 1, 2022 at noon PST, we’re excited to bring you the IMVU Daily: 21 days of fun, themed, dress-up events, dropping in IMVU every day! Participate in any #IMVUDaily event and you’ll receive an entry reward. At the end of each daily event, five lucky entrants will also  be chosen at random to receive an additional premium reward. Show off your style, gain fame & receive amazing rewards. Don’t miss it, come back daily!

*Entry Rewards will vary by day and can include Promo Credits, VCOIN and Creator Items. Premium rewards will also vary by day and can include Room Bundles, 1 month VIP Subscriptions, Chat Room Slots and Marriage Packages.

imvu daily dressup image featuring avatars


  1. Style a look with your avatar following the theme posted to the Discover Feed at 12 p.m. PT each day.
  2. Post your entry to your Feed and add the hashtag #IMVUDaily. Do not edit photos. You may upload a background or use a themed room of your choice.
  3. Each IMVU Daily event lasts 24 hours (Starts 12:00 p.m. PST, ends 11:59 a.m. PST the next day). You must post your entry within this time period each day to be eligible for rewards and prizes.
  4. At the end of each daily event, we’ll share some looks to Discover and choose our Fave5. Fave5 winners will be announced in the Blog and on our Instagram. 

*Rewards and prizes will vary by day and can include Promo Credits, VCOIN, Room Bundles, 1 month VIP Subscriptions, Creator Items, Chat Room Slots and Marriage Packages! Please allow 5 – 7 days for rewards and prizes to be delivered in your inbox.

For more details, see our Official Rules and FAQ below.

Daily Themes & Fave5 Picks

Daily themes launch every day at noon through November 21. Check Discover or Instagram for details. Fave5 picks will be announced here once available, so check back often! Good luck. 🍀

November 1: Cotton Candy Castle

Congrats to our Cotton Candy Castle Fave5 picks: DCocoa, chanel360451, Anastaseia, Katalina8, Lincolnlin

November 2: Green with Envy

You’ll scream green when you see our Green with Envy Fave5 picks: Echosis, Ismeny, Inganno, Jewlie, and RebyStar

November 3: 2222 AI

2222 AI Fave5 are out of this world! Congrats to oLOUo, TessLilu, Aphrodite356, Gr4v3Digg3r, and cvstxm.

November 4: Masquerade Ball

It’s time for our Fave5 picks from the Masquerade Ball to reveal themselves. We loved the mystery from Grace802959, Bianca842034, ChloeDecker87, Fadi, and KaiPoh.

November 5: Dragon Rider vs. Elf Warrior

The ultimate showdown has concluded. The majority of you favored Dragon Riders over Elf Warriors, but we couldn’t get enough of our Fave5 looks from: Chicky17, lS0FIAl, neOnxx31, Sanjanaa, and xxVUNxx.

November 6: Dark Acadamia

Study these Fave5 picks for what it takes to be featured. Congrats to Dollhands, theyluv4mber, lVIry, and Sammx.

November 7: Anime Allure

Consider us allured by these Anime looks! Congrats to our Fave5 picks: Amandabrookes1, AsiaXXVIII, Eur0pean, MariahRosee, and R4pp.

November 8: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice and everything nice with our Fave5 picks: ethan62, MisssCyanide, vuuv, xStopTheCapPlease, and xXSlolloXx1. 

November 9: Sweater Weather

Feeling cozy and cute with our Fave5 picks! Congrats to Aviannie, MeoWine, theyluv4mber, Z4ch4, and Galabi.

November 10: Plaid Perfect

We’re mad for plaid with these 10/10 perfect looks. Check out our Fave5 picks: ChiSoMean, Iluvredlol1351, LovelyK30, QueenNyCheri, and SKVasanth.

November 11: Atlantis

Atlantean royal family unite; congrats to our Fave5: Dragonsz, EverlyMonroe, Jihei, llRiaHerzll, and seenona.

November 12: 70's vs. 90's

This decades battle was close, but the 90’s prevailed. Time travel with our Fave5 picks: Dana32659, LIA736844, Lincolnlin, NanaJedra, and S4L3H.

70's vs 90's imvu daily theme
Dana32659 imvu daily 70s vs 90s fave5
LIA736844 imvu daily 70s vs 90s fave5
Lincolnlin imvu daily 70s vs 90s fave5
NanaJedra imvu daily 70s vs 90s fave5
S4L3H imvu daily 70s vs 90s fave5

November 13: Aviator Chic

When we say these looks were flying high, we mean they were FIRST. CLASS. Congrats to our Fave5 picks: Balevu, SaraUrnaut, Brainiacs, VLYN, and xietiz.

aviator chic imvu daily theme
Balevu imvudaily aviator chic
SaraUrnaut imvudaily aviator chic
Brainiacs imvudaily aviator chic
VLYN imvudaily aviator chic fave5
xietiz imvudaily aviator chic fave5

November 14: Periwinkle Pop

Pops of periwinkle pique our perspectives. Props to these top pops of color: 5ARN, JaneRuby, L1ZZZYY, rany26, and ThaciaSwan. 

November 15: Ocean Siren

Fins up for our Fave5 picks. Congrats to Akizor, EleaRaidne, JuniperTree, PrincessaElla, and PUH0N. 

ocean siren imvudaily theme
Akizor ocean siren imvu daily fave5 pick
EleaRaidne ocean siren imvu daily fave5 pick
JuniperTree ocean siren imvu daily fave5 pick
PrincessaElla ocean siren imvu daily fave5 pick
PUH0N ocean siren imvu daily fave5 pick

November 16: IMVU in Paris

Ah oui, mes amis! We love these fits as much as we love croissants. Congrats to Britney45712, CursedMagic, maicolteo01, Santos93, and VERAN0.

imvu in paris imvudaily theme
Britney45712 imvu in paris fave5 picks
CursedMagic imvu in paris fave5 picks
maicolteo01 imvu in paris fave5 picks
Santos93 imvu in paris fave5 picks
VERAN0 imvu in paris fave5 picks

November 17: Coronation Day

The head that wears the crown may be heavy, but these looks are fire. Kudos to our royal Fave5: Tyna666, Diabla1992, Delio18, DariaRayskaya, and Britney45712.

coronation day imvudaily theme
Tyna666 imvu daily coronation day fave5 pick
Diabla1992 imvu daily coronation day fave5 pick
Delio18 imvu daily coronation day fave5 pick
DariaRayskaya imvu daily coronation day fave5 pick
Britney45712 imvu daily coronation day fave5 pick

November 18: Portals: Terra

Planet Terra has never looked so lush. Congrats to our leafy beings who blended right in: Aphrodite356, Aurorae, KatalinaAva, vuuv, and ZAN2E. 

portals terra imvudaily theme
Aphrodite356 imvudaily planet terra fave5 pick
Aurorae imvudaily planet terra fave5 pick
KatalinaAva imvudaily planet terra fave5 pick
vuuv imvudaily planet terra fave5 pick
ZAN2E imvudaily planet terra fave5 pick

November 19: Portals: Aurora

The skies don’t glow like you babes. Congrats to our out of this world Fave5 picks from Planet Aurora: KaylaaaD0, Luciiferina, Quinse, XSavvvyX, and ReActiWait. 

portals aurora imvudaily theme
KaylaaaD0 imvudaily planet aurora fave5 pick
Luciiferina imvudaily planet aurora fave5 pick
Quinse imvudaily planet aurora fave5 pick
XSavvvyX imvudaily planet aurora fave5 pick
ReActiWait imvudaily planet aurora fave5 pick

November 20: Portals: Lumen

Light up the night with fire light and these fits. Congrats to our illuminating Fave5 picks: ADHlRA, Beassimaa, Psyrena, XR1S4, and ZephyGoya. 

ADHlRA imvudaily fave5 pick portal lumen
Beassimaa imvudaily fave5 pick portal lumen
Psyrena imvudaily fave5 pick portal lumen
XR1S4 imvudaily fave5 pick portal lumen
ZephyGoya imvudaily fave5 pick portal lumen

November 21: Floral Focus

Our final blossoms are bold and beautiful. Congrats to our Fave5 flowering beauties: XR1S4, Shanaya720076, KathyThao1, Jaqueline86013, and 

floral focus imvudaily theme
XR1S4 imvudaily floral focus fave5 pick
Shanaya720076 imvudaily floral focus fave5 pick
KathyThao1 imvudaily floral focus fave5 pick
Jaqueline86013 imvudaily floral focus fave5 pick
Yazzi11 imvudaily floral focus fave5 pick

Official Rules

  • Entry rewards will be awarded to all eligible participants per unique ID, for each Daily event.
  • You may participate in one or all of the 21 daily events.
  • Your entry image must contain your IMVU avatar (not an uploaded screenshot of your avatar). No photo edits. You may upload a background image for your avatar or use a themed room as your background.
  • Images must be based on the theme of the day. Determination of whether an entrant has met the theme will be made at the sole discretion of IMVU.
  • Posts must be appropriate for General Audience and cannot include AP items. Learn more here.
  • No logos or branded items may be used, even if such items are sold in the shop.
  • Cheating or spamming will get your entry disqualified and could result in being banned from future contests.
  • Do not remove your entry image from the Feed until the winners have been announced. If you delete your image from Feed or it is removed from Feed, your image will not be visible and your entry will be invalid. 
  • Users that earn VCOIN rewards must adhere to IMVU’s VCOIN policies. If you’d like to learn more about VCOIN, you can find more information here.  
  • Entry Rewards and premium rewards will be awarded 5-7 days after the end of the Daily event and will be delivered through the messaging system (look out for “IMVURewards” in your messages).  If you are selected for a premium reward and that reward happens to be a package or premium feature that you already own (e.g. VIP, marriage package), IMVU will give you 10K Promo Credits instead.
  • All entries must follow the IMVU policies and Community standards. You can find them here.
  • If you have any questions about IMVU Daily, please review the FAQs below.


How long is this event?

The IMVU Daily is a November event that starts on November 1, 2022 and ends on November 21, 2022.  Each Daily event runs for a 24 hour period and will start at 12pm PST and end the following day at 11:59 PST.

Where can I find information on each daily event?

Each event will be posted to the Discover feed and Instagram. Check our feed and Instagram stories @IMVU for daily details.

How do I upload a background?

When you are ready to post something to your IMVU Feed, there is an option to upload a background for your image. You can find detailed instructions here

I won 1 month of VIP, what does that mean? 

There are three tiers of VIP: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond all with different perks. All tiers of VIP include exclusive badges, monthly Credits, media controls, prioritized support, and exclusive gifts.

Tiered VIP is available on mobile and desktop. To learn more about the tier you won and all the awesome perks check out What is the Tiered VIP Program. If you want to extend your VIP membership beyond the month you won through IMVU Daily, you can purchase VIP.   

If you won a VIP tier from a Daily Event, but already have VIP, we can upgrade you  for 1 month to the next tier. If you have Legacy VIP  and wish to remain Legacy VIP we will give you 10K Promo Credits instead. 

I won some VCOIN. What can I do with this?

VCOIN is IMVU’s newest digital currency that users can buy, gift and for the first time, withdraw into CASH! When you have VCOIN, you have real money at your disposal, and there’s no shortage of things you can do with it. 

  • Gift it: Unlike Credits, VCOIN represents real value both on and off-platform. When you gift VCOIN, you’re essentially buying them a coffee at Starbucks, or a cute bag they’ve wanted for a while. 
  • Spend it in the Gigs Marketplace: Head to gigs, where you’ll find dedicated Producers (service providers) like digital artists, custom creators, event planners and even website creators that all accept VCOIN for their services. 
  • Withdraw: Use your VCOIN IRL by withdrawing into Uphold and converting to USD (or your own native currency)
  • Purchase Upgrades in IMVU: Collect enough VCOIN and purchase special account upgrades like VIP, AP, Age Verification and more all with the VCOIN already in your wallet.
  • NFTs: Did you miss out the last NFT drops? Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from and you’ll need VCOIN to participate. Hold your VCOIN and be one of the FIRST users to buy and NFT in the upcoming drops.
  • Earn More: To earn more VCOIN to spend in the marketplace or withdraw for cash, become a Producer. Producers are talented users on-platform that provide services for other users like creating digital art, creating a custom item or room on-platform, and much more. Anyone can be a Producer! Just figure out what skills you have that you can contribute to the virtual community. And then REQUEST VCOIN for it by creating a post on the Gigs Marketplace.Check out the Gigs Marketplace for inspiration on what current Producers are doing.

Learn more about the endless possibilities with VCOIN here.

My state or country does not allow me to buy/withdraw VCOIN. If someone gifts me VCOIN, can I use that to buy and resell IMVU NFT Exclusives? 

Yes. You are only restricted to buying or withdrawing VCOIN, but if it’s gifted to you, you can use it to buy NFT Exclusives. You will also have the option to resell that NFT Exclusive. 

Note: If you resell an NFT Exclusive, the VCOIN you will receive from that sale cannot be withdrawn through Uphold. See the complete list of states and countries restricted in purchasing and withdrawing VCOIN here.

I won a Room Bundle as a premium reward, but I’m only on IMVU Mobile. What can I do with this?

With thousands of 3D rooms, each with its own interest, culture, and vibe, IMVU users always have a place to call home. If you receive a room bundle as a premium reward, you can view and enjoy rooms on IMVU Mobile, but decorating & shopping for room items are limited to IMVU Desktop at this time. On IMVU Desktop, there are thousands of rooms to choose from and you can shop for rooms the same way you shop for clothing items. Show your creativity and start decorating your room now! 

Learn more about rooms on IMVU Desktop here.

I won the Marriage Package. What is this?

Currently available on the IMVU Website only, the Marriage Package is the perfect way for two Avatars to express their true love, proudly celebrate their exclusive relationship status to everyone, and express their commitment to each other.

With the Marriage Package, you can propose to your partner and plan the perfect wedding. Get married and have your profiles linked together with your new life status displayed proudly on both your profile cards!

Learn more about the Marriage Package here.

*If you won a Marriage Package as a premium reward from a Daily Event, but already have it, we will give you 10K Promo Credits instead. 

I won the Chat Room Slot. What is this?

With a public Chat Room, you can invite friends and family for meet-ups, role playing, virtual parties, and more! If you’re a VIP you can open up more rooms, for non-stop fun!

Learn more about Chat Room Slots. Want more Chat Room Slots? You can purchase them a la carte for $29.99 or you can join VIP, each tier comes with a different amount of Chat Room Slots.  

I’m an IMVU creator and would like to donate items to be used as rewards. How can I do this?

We’re always looking for new ways to promote our creators and their products. Please fill out this form to be considered for future placements.