IMVU University – Class of 2023

Get ready to rock your school spirit, IMVU University Class of 2023! This month is jam-packed with thrilling new adventures that you won’t want to miss as you head back to school. Whether you’re new here or have been rockin’ at IMVU University for a while, join us to explore and learn something new every week.

Not only will you have the chance to make new friends, but you could find love or discover a new squad. IMVU U is what you make it, so what will you do this month?

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Welcome Week: August 1-6

Get hyped for Welcome Week! We’re diving headfirst into B2S szn, and we want you to join us! Show us your school spirit and take advantage of our IMVU extra credit to learn how to create a wishlist. Let’s make this Welcome Week unforgettable!

IMVU Extra Credit

Excited to create a list of things you’d love to receive as a gift? Visit the Shop on IMVU, search for an item that catches your eye, and add it to your Wishlist using the button on the right side to instantly add the item! 

Need a little extra guidance? Check out this helpful link for more tips!

August 1
Ready to start the new school year with a bang? Kick things off by creating an awesome Back to School wishlist! Follow our extra credit instructions so you can participate in upcoming challenges! 

But wait, there’s more! A thrilling new Quest is coming your way this week, and the best part? All users who complete the Quest will be entered into a 10K Credit giveaway so you can snag your wishlist items for free! 

August 2
Get ready for a new chance to be featured on Instagram! Make sure your story notifications are on when we ask you to Add Yours to our Back to School style challenge. Flaunt your first-day fits – just you or with your crew! 

August 3
New outfit – check! Now show us what else is essential for IMVU University! We’ll put the call out when we ask you to Add Yours in our Instagram Stories. Will you answer? Get creative – what is your must-have for the 2023 school year? Show us your essentials and join the fun!

August 4 
The first Weekend Outfit Challenge is here, and we’re ready to unleash your B2S sense of style and have some serious fun. Make sure to follow @IMVUSocial on IMVU and @IMVU on Instagram to stay in the loop and catch the latest theme announcements every week at 9am PT. Gear up to show off your amazing style! 

August 6
Join AdriannaFaye for a special VU Influencer Welcome Week slumber party and to celebrate her birthday! Bring your best pink and white fit for the party and join the fun at 10AM PT. Details will be announced on Discover and Instagram before the party.

Spirit Week: August 7-13

Get ready for SPIRIT WEEK, an exciting week filled with challenges, parties, and a fresh Weekend Outfit Challenge that will leave you in awe! Keep a lookout for these amazing events and earn IMVU extra credit when you learn how to find outfit inspiration in IMVU.

IMVU Extra Credit: How to Find Outfit Inspiration

Need some outfit inspiration but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the amazing items in the catalog? You can explore full outfit looks using the Looks Category or using keywords to help filter through styles. If you need additional guidance, our incredible VU Influencers have prepared amazing Shopping Guides to explore. Indulge in your fashion frenzy!

August 8
It’s the dog days of summer, which means you have to soak up those last rays before fall arrives! But, this time, make it pet-friendly! Show off your furry best friend and win big! Snap a pic of you and your pet bestie enjoying the sunshine, then share it with hashtag #VU_DogDays for your chance to be featured on Discover and Instagram. 

No stress if you’re not a dog person, MiakasCreations has some new cats for you to adopt! Mark your calendar for the release day of her collection in the IMVU Official catalog, where you can shop and share your new feline friends with the hashtag #VU_PetBesties.

VIP Bonus: As a special pet bestie bonus for our VIP crew, we’re giving away a Cat Cafe VIP Room and an awesome Cat Backpack carrier designed by Yavane.

Don’t miss your chance to celebrate your pet in style; make sure you’re VIP before August 8.

August 9 & 10
Party like never before during Spirit Week with some incredible celebrations brought to you by our very own VU Influencers! Mark your calendars for all the fun; check the schedule below! 

  • Theme: Decades on the Beach, hosted by LakX | August 9 @ 4PM PT
  • Theme: IMVU Team Spirit, hosted by BellaQuin
  • Theme: Pajama Day, hosted by Davon | August 10 @ 10AM PT
  • Theme: Shoot for the Stars, hosted by MikeyMoon | August 10 @ 12PM PT
  • Theme: Watermelon, hosted by Izabela | August 10 @ 8PM PT

August 11
We’re ending the week with a bang with a Weekend Outfit Challenge that’s sure to make you dance the night away. Get your retro outfits ready, because we’re taking it way back! Curious about the theme? Keep an eye on @IMVUSocial and @IMVU on Instagram for all the deets!

Besties Week: August 14-20

Another week of fun challenges and the opportunity to earn some awesome IMVU Extra Credit! This week is all about celebrating your school besties, so make sure to set your rooms to friends only and adjust your permissions accordingly. It’s going to be an exciting week, and we can’t wait to see all the great things you and your besties will accomplish together!

IMVU Extra Credit: How to Create a Room for Friends Only

Meeting new people is great, but sometimes you just want to hang out with friends! Amiright? To make your room for “Friends Only,” follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in to IMVU
  2. Click “Chat” 
  3. Click “My Rooms”
  4. Scroll to “Edit Room Settings” 
  5. Select “Friends Only” and save. 

Voila! Now you can hang out and chat with your closest pals in your own private space. Enjoy!

August 15
Take your crew to the next level this Tuesday with our new #SquadShot Clique Challenge! Show off your squad’s unique style and personality by sharing your pics with hashtag #SquadShot. We’ll feature our favorites, and a few lucky squads will win 10K Credits! 

August 16
Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day with a fun challenge for you and your bestie. Snap a pic and share your fave classic dad joke in the caption using the hashtag #VU_DadJokes. Let’s see who can make us laugh! 

August 17
Can’t wait to get a letterman jacket? Login on August 17 to snag your FREE jacket designed by Amore! Make sure to join us and show off your new jacket with pride!

Plus, join VU Influencer, Togram’s NEW Purple Party during Besties Week! The party starts at 1PM PT, don’t be late!

August 18  
Have a furry friend who you cherish with all your heart? If so, we have an absolutely thrilling Weekend Outfit Challenge that we’re sure you’ll fall head over heels for! Be sure to check us out on Instagram and Discover at 9am PT for all the latest updates!

VIP Bonus: Join Diamond VIP by 8/14 to receive our exclusive Diamond VIP Summer Unicorn on 8/18. He has his swim trunks on and is ready for some silly beach fun!

August 19
Celebrate World Photography Day with us by capturing a breathtaking shot in your most-loved IMVU scenic spot. Use hashtag #VU_WorldPhotographyDay and post it on Discover for a chance to be featured! 

Summer Break Week: August 21-27

Pack your bags because it’s time for Summer Break! Say goodbye to the classroom and hello to your favorite vacation destinations, where you can unwind for much-needed relaxation and adventure.

IMVU Extra Credit: How to Find Featured Creators

Unleash your inner fashionista by exploring our Shop on IMVU where you can discover the hottest fashion trends from our featured Creators. New featured Creators launch every month to match our monthly themes! You can find Creators in the image carousel at the top of the page and a few additional listed below (on Next, listed on the left; on Mobile, listed at the bottom).

August 21-25
Don’t miss out on the chance to score a hot new item from our new Summer Collection outfit bundle by logging in every day from 8/21-8/25. Talented IMVU creator and designer Yannomi has outdone herself with this collection! Mark your calendars to unlock some serious style.

August 23
Exciting news, just in time for summer break! Our incredible VU Influencer, LakX, has curated a travel essentials shopping guide just for you. Rock an amazing vacation look this summer break and turn heads when you enjoy your well-deserved vacay!

August 24
Share your summer break destination with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured when you Add Yours! We can’t wait to see where you’re headed and all the exciting adventures you’ll have.

August 25
Keep your eyes peeled because at 9am PT, we will reveal the latest theme for the Weekend Outfit Challenge on both Discover and Instagram! It’s the perfect way to wrap up the month and get your vacation fashion game on point.

August 26 
Get ready to ignite your inner champion and celebrate Women’s Equality Day in style! Strike a pose that screams empowerment and share it with us using #VU_EmpowermentPose for a chance to be featured and enter to snag a 10k Credit bonus! 

Let’s show the world what strength truly means and champion women’s empowerment together. Plus, login on this day for free Promo Credits and receive a free gift to help you celebrate. It’s time to celebrate equality and empowerment in style!

Finals Week: August 28 – 31

You made it! Time to graduate IMVU University as long as you make it through Finals Week! So lets make this last week one for the books!

IMVU Extra Credit: How to Earn Free Promo Credits When You Log In

Ready to earn Promo Credits for FREE using Streaks? Log in on your mobile device, go to the homepage, and click “Get Rewards” and then “Streaks.” Voila! You’re all set to start earning credits.

August 28-31 
This week is all about YOU, it’s Treat Yourself Week, so take some extra time for yourself and enjoy some indulgences to reward your hard work and good grades!

Show off your fabulous self by sharing a photo using the hashtag #VU_TreatYourself, and each day of the week, we’ll have a different focus, including your favorite snack, hobby, luxury item, and something amazing from your bucket list. 

  • August 28 – show us your must-have snack or sweet treat
  • August 29 – share your favorite chill activity or hobby
  • August 30 – tell us how you do luxury
  • August 31 – give us your big dream and share what’s on your bucket list