What Does VIP Mean to You?

Thank you to the IMVU community for your involvement in our summer “VIP Writing Contest – What Does VIP Mean to You?” 

It was open for participation to both VIP and non-VIPs and we had an overwhelming turnout. All 618 participants had great submissions and the judging was one of the hardest we have ever encountered. 

Grand Prize 

@Josephine280054 is the Grand Prize winner and will receive 15,000 Credits and 3 months of FREE VIP! Check out her full entry: 

“I’m VIP and an IMVU user in love.

If you feel part of this wonderful community, don’t hesitate to become a star. 

Make your avatar shine.

Do VIP and start enjoying lots of advantages. 

In the end, you’ll see it even come out cheaper than if you’re not.

But above all, it’s a way to stand out and return all the affection that this experience gives you. Kisses.” – @Josephine280054


Winners Circle  

We had 10 winners who will get 7,500 Credits each from staff and 1 month of FREE VIP! Check out excerpts of their entries:

 “VIP to me is just another extra way for you to express your creativity some more…I would like the monthly Credits and the 5% off items it would make it sm easier for me to gift my friends. IMVU has been my little getaway from reality and with VIP it would make that getaway a lil more fancy lol but thank you for the opportunity and thank you for the amazing platform you’ve created.” – @Jasmine740155​


“If I am given a chance to win a free VIP in this contest, I’m going to use all those exclusive privileges wisely and become a creator that produces creative crafts at a low cost that any IMVU members can afford to purchase – this as well, could be my way to express my love of art and

creativity through fashion.” – @Jam309481


“I’ve had several accounts and the first thing I did for each was purchase VIP. Reasons I will always be VIP:It plays nice with my wallet. As a college student, this is a huge factor.

1. It pays for itself. After 12 months, IMVU gifts you 5k Credits monthly. 5k = $5. VIP is $10 (monthly). That’s half the cost coming back in non-promo Credits. Plus, you get discounts in the store. Theoretically, you can get that $10 a month back in just these two perks.

2. ROOM SLOTS!! With VIP, you can have your own room/rooms that you have control over. Got trolls? *le boot* Quick and clean, my friend.

3. Sharing is caring! With VIP, there are events where you can send a free gift to a friend. You then get a gift from IMVU for participating. If your friend gifts you back, that’s 2 free items you just got.

4. Bippidy-Boppidy-Dev. If you’re creative or even just picky about color schemes, then you need VIP. In Creator, you can tweak other products or create your own. “See a need, fill a need!” -Bigwell from Robots.

5. Instant help!! I cannot express this perk enough. With VIP, you have instant access to IT help. Plus, they’re always patient and professional in their helping. I’d be lost without this perk.

6. There are more, but I’m pretty sure I’m already over my word limit. So I’ll finish by saying I think VIP stands for “Vital IMVU Perks” because I can’t do IMVU without VIP.” – @TakaraAmbrogio


 “Hello!! 💕 My name is Nailea, and I’m a non-VIP who aspires to be a VIP like everyone else here. 🌟👍🏻 I want to be a VIP because their are various advantages like the ability to save on Credits 💰, the ability to have access to privacy 🔒, the ability to gift to other IMVU players 🎁, and the best of these abilities is be a creator!! 😱 It all sounds fun! 🥳” – @MythicalNailea 

The possibility of creating and expanding horizons in a game is magnificent, as this is where we find our refuge from the outside world, together with all the friends and interesting people we know here. I would like to be a VIP to use this tool as a source of work and dissemination of digital art, in addition to enjoying important privileges, such as creating, exhibiting and becoming even more popular in the most used chat in the world.” – @Anyatslov 

VIPs get stacking Loyalty Credits for each month they remain a VIP! 

“What I truly love is receiving special gifts from IMVU every month and of course the monthly Credits 🎁. And since I am a big spender when it comes to shopping, I love the fact that I am able to save some Credits whenever I am shopping… All in all, being a VIP really makes IMVU even spicier and more fun. I wouldn’t end my subscription no matter what. HAHA 😋” – @NamieLevi


“I love gifting people and making their day brighter when they join the cafe. I’m a softee at heart and like to clear people’s wishlists when they join just to help them start off at IMVU. VIP to me means to help give and to get. Not only can you get discounts for VIP but you can also get discounts along with VIP to clear friend’s wishlists. I would love to give out to more new people of IMVU and start a wheel of gifting.”  – @deherria


Having my VIP membership has opened up a whole new experience. I get to feel a sense of leadership and importance. I enjoy being able to get discounts on clothing in the shop! …having the badge reminds me of my dedication to IMVU. Being a VIP member is ​fun and opens up a whole new door to IMVU!” @soggymfnoodles 

VIPs get 5% off in the store and access to exclusive promotions on desktop and mobile

“IMVU VIP has been a fresh breath of air and super amazing perk to have! not to mention you also get 10 FREE public chat room slots! huge win right there with me running 4 already 🙂 good amounts of Credit sales too!!” – @MorteAeterna


Yes we enjoy the perks of being a VIP, free public rooms where you and your friends share one’s life experiences and happiness. And of course what’s shopaholic like the most are discounts. But what I had expected is priceless; learning by myself, creating beyond what I can and showcasing my work to everyone its very satisfying. I’ve experienced compliments, opportunities. VIP is not just a perks or a badge, but it shows how talented you are.” – @glorioustauruse9fe

 Honorable Mentions

We selected 10 honorable mentions who will each get a gift off their wishlist of staff’s choosing for 1,000 Credits or less.

  1. BusyLegs
  2.  xlLillylx 
  3.  Kiannatraylor 
  4.  Ella89352
  5.  Vakho
  6.  G4MERK1NG 
  7.  Soso545715
  8.  trustfully
  9. MadameSJ
  10. 777lia

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