Spring Romance

Step into the vibrance of May, where blooming flower fields and warm sun-kissed days set the stage for a month brimming with love and imagination! Join us for exciting events, from proms to weddings, to create unforgettable memories! 

Mark your calendars and log in all month to get bonus Credits! 

Alternative Universe: May 1 – May 5

We’re starting off the month in an alternative universe. 🛸✨ Let your imagination run wild for this week’s photo challenges and parties.  

🗓️ May 1

Creator Showcase

🌼 Embrace the fresh blooms and blossoming energy of spring with looks from our talented creators isomi, kayo0123, LillySecret, and Mornight. 🌷 

Discover Theme of the Day: Secret Garden 

Imagine stumbling upon a secret garden in the middle of nowhere. 🌿🍄 What would it look like? Show us what you see and tag #VU_SecretGarden. 🕊️

Galaxy Far Away Promo

👾 Prepare for your galactic adventures by stocking up on Credits! For a limited time, you can receive an exclusive cyber companion: the IMVU Bot, engineered by MaxSMoke777! 🤖 When you purchase a 10,000 Credit package on any platform, the IMVU Bot will accompany you on your IMVU journey starting May 4th!

*Offer ends on May 2nd. The cyber companion will be rewarded on May 4th.

🗓️ May 3

Weekend Outfit Challenge

Entering hyperspace in 3…2…1… 🚀 Can you guess what this week’s theme is? Check on our Instagram and IMVUSocial on Friday, May 3rd at 9am PT for the theme announcement.

🗓️ May 4 

VUI Party: Galaxy Far Far Away 

Style an outfit that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD with 3X FREE Credits when you complete a RevU offer by May 6th. Blast off 🚀 to the Galaxy Far Far Away party hosted by VU Influencer RozePetals and oLOUo’, sponsored by RevU on Saturday, May 4th at 4PM PT! Tag your intergalactic photos with #VUParty_GalaxyFarFarAway 👾

Room Link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-33685221-6254


🗓️ May 5

Discover Theme of the Day: Chill At The Beach 

🍹 Sit back and relax for Cinco de Mayo. Dress up for a chill day at the beach and tag #VU_Beach for a chance to be featured on Discover. 🏖️🌞

Prom Week : May 6 – May 12

Prom season is here and we’re bringing it to IMVU! Swap those textbooks for dance moves and get ready to countdown to the most glamorous night of the year. 💃🕺

🗓️ May 6

Promposal Challenge

Step into the spotlight 🌟 It’s time to gather up the courage to ask that special someone to prom! From May 6th to May 8th, we are running a Promposal Challenge where you can show off your creativity and charm in planning a promposal. The top 3 promposal winners will get 1 FREE month of Platinum VIP. Tag #VU_Promposal and comment on your fave promposal idea to enter. See you on Discover! 💫✨


🗓️ May 9

Discover Theme of the Day: Prom Pics

Snap, snap, snap 📸 Time to glam up for your prom pics! Pick out your prom fit, grab your friends and/or date, and smile for the camera. Get creative with the poses and tag #VU_PromPics.

🗓️ May 9

VUI Party: GoddessD0 Birthday Bash

Get ready to party like never before at GoddessD0’s Birthday Bash happening May 9 at 11AM PST! 🎉 Hosted by the fabulous GoddessD0, Bellaquinn, Eur0pean, and XxangelitexX. Dive into fun with elephant rides, hit the pool 🌊, dance the night away💃, and enjoy even more surprises. Don’t miss out on celebrating with GoddessD0—it’s going to be epic! Tag #vuparty_goddessd0sbdaybash to share the fun 🌟

Room link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-40802730-9582

🗓️ May 10

Weekend Outfit Challenge

The dance floor awaits you for this week’s theme 🎉💃🕺 Check back on our Instagram and IMVUSocial at 9am PT for the theme announcement.

🗓️ May 12

VUI Party: Prom Night 

Join us for a spectacular Prom Night on May 12 at 11 AM PST, hosted by VU Influencers GoddessofDestruction and Claairree 🌟 Whether you’re hitting the dance floor with your beau or your best friend, get ready for an unforgettable evening. 🕺💃 Tag your prom-perfect photos with #VUParty_PromNight! It’s gonna be a night to remember 🎉✨

Room Link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-295830549-1268 

🗓️ May 12

VUI Party: Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day in style May 12th at 1 PM PST! 🌷 Join VU Influencer GoddessD0, Bellaquinn, GoddessofDestruction, XxangelitexX, and Eur0pean for an unforgettable afternoon filled with dancing 💃, a delicious buffet 🍽️, and plenty of photo ops 📸. Hosted with love and flair, this party is the perfect way to honor the special mothers in your life. Don’t miss out on the fun—Tag #vuparty_HappyMothersDay to share the fun 🌟🎉

Room link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-40802730-9626

Marriage Marathon: May 13 – May 19

Get ready to embark on a whirlwind journey filled with love and romance, because this week we’re speedrunning the marriage process! 🎊💕 Let the celebrations begin.

🗓️ May 13

Discover Theme of the Day: Engagement 

You’re engaged! Congrats 🎉 Show us the moment you said “YES” and tag #VU_Engagement to show off the ring. 💍✨ 

🗓️ May 14

Discover Theme of the Day: First Date

Throwback to your very first date 💘 Show us where you had your first date and share the story of how you met your partner. #VU_FirstDate 

Shower Your Boo With Gifts 💝

Save the date: May 14th is Online Romance Day! It’s a time to honor those virtual bonds that make our hearts swell and to give some major love to our closest friends. Spoil your ride-or-die crew with goodies from their wishlists—it’s the perfect way to show appreciation! And trust me, the good karma from giving gifts? It’s bound to come back around in the best way possible! 🎁❤️ 

The top 10 gifters will receive special gifts from us! We’ll reward you based on your overall ranking on the day the Online Romance day promo ends!

🗓️ May 15

Discover Theme of the Day: The Last Hurrah

Party it up for your bachelor and bachelorette party 🥳🍾 Where are you and your friends going to celebrate your last few days before getting married? Let us know by tagging #VU_LastHurrah. 

🗓️ May 16

Discover Theme of the Day: Say Yes To The Fit

Gather your friends to help you pick out THE FIT for your wedding. 👗👔 Are you going to choose an all white theme or mix it up with a splash of colors? Tag #VU_SayYes to show us your final decision. 

🗓️ May 17

Weekend Outfit Challenge

Church bells are ringing and the choir is singing. 💒 Can you guess what the theme is? Check back on our Instagram and IMVUSocial at 9am PT to see if you guessed the theme right. 

🗓️ May 19

VUI Party: Wedding Party

Join us on May 19th at 1 PM PST for a dazzling wedding party hosted by VU Influencers GoddessD0, Bellaquinn, Eur0pean, and XxangelitexX! 🎉💍 Celebrate love and laughter with fantastic music 🎶 and delightful company. Dress to impress and tag #vuparty_wedding to share the memories! 🥂✨

Room link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-40802730-9589

Film Fiesta: May 20 – May 26

🎬 Lights, camera, action! Join us for film week where we’re diving into different worlds from drama to thrillers and everything in between. Let the show begin! 

🗓️ May 20

Discover Theme of the Day: Drama 

Have you ever wanted to star in a reality tv show? This is your time to shine! Create a dramatic scene where you’re the main character. Add an unexpected twist, suspense, and maybe even side-eyes 👀 #VU_Drama

🗓️ May 21

Discover Theme of the Day: Sci-Fi 

👽🤖 Create a scene in the Year 3000. What would the world look like? Have aliens and robots taken over the world or are we friends with them? Tag #VU_SciFi in your creation.  

🗓️ May 22

Discover Theme of the Day:  Mystery 

You’re a detective in the latest mystery film and it’s your job to solve puzzles and unlock secrets.🕵️ Capture a scene where you’re uncovering the final mystery. 💼🔑 #VU_Mystery

🗓️ May 23

Discover Theme of the Day: Action 

You’ve been recruited to act as a daredevil in an action movie. Paint an adrenaline-filled scene and tag #VU_Action. 💥🚁🔥 

🗓️ May 24

Weekend Outfit Challenge

We have TWO themes for this week’s challenge. Check back on our Instagram and IMVUSocial at 9am PT to see what they are. 🍿✨

🗓️ May 26

VUI Party: Summer KickOff

Kick off summer in style on May 26th at 11 AM PST! 🌞 Join VU Influencers GoddessD0, XxangelitexX, Bellaquinn, Eur0pean, and GoddessofDestruction for a sweet Summer KickOff party. 🕶️ Dance your heart out and meet new people in an unforgettable setting. Don’t forget to dress up, show up, and share your best moments using #VUParty_Summer! 🎉💃

Room link: https://go.imvu.com/chat/room-40802730-9601

IMVU Day 🛍️

The BIGGEST SALE of the year is here!! 🤩🎊 Mark your calendars for May 24th to May 25th

IMVU Day is a new shopping event with big discounts on Credits and items in the IMVU Official Shop. New items and exclusive items that dropped in the past will be added to our Shop with big discounts!

Anyone can participate in this event, but VIPs will get deeper discounts AND something special during this event. Get VIP by May 20th PT to qualify. 

Login starting on May 24th to enjoy these deals and check back every day for our lightning deals, which are limited-time offers.

VUI Party: Summer Kick-Off 

🌞 Get ready to sizzle and shine! Join us as we kick off summer with a bang at our Summer Kick-Off Party hosted by VU Influencer KatalinaAva! 🎉 Stay tuned for more details announced on Discover and @IMVU Instagram.

Kick-Off to Summer: May 27 – May 31

Summer is finally here! 🌴🌊 It’s time to dust off those flip-flops, break out the sunscreen, and participate in the sunshine-filled photo challenges ahead.

🗓️ May 27

Discover Theme of the Day: Post-Graduation

Now that you’ve graduated, what are you doing? Traveling the world ✈️, studying for grad school 👨‍💻, or maybe even throwing your books in a campfire 📚🔥? Let us know by tagging #VU_PostGrad. 

🗓️ May 28

Discover Theme of the Day: Picnic 

🧺 Let’s elevate your picnic game! 🍇🥪 Don’t just bring the food—bring your style! Dress up in your favorite summer attire and tag #VU_Picnic. 

🗓️ May 29

Discover Theme of the Day: Pool 

There’s no better way to cool down in the summer than by hanging out at the pool with your friends. Show us your poolside fit and tag #VU_Pool. 👙🌞

🗓️ May 30

Discover Theme of the Day: Frozen Treats

There’s no better way to cool down in the summer than by enjoying a frozen treat. 🍧 Fill the feed with your fave chilled snack and tag #VU_FrozenTreat.🍦

🗓️ May 31

Weekend Outfit Challenge

🏖️ Get ready to bask in the warmth of golden rays and lounge on sandy shores for this weekend’s outfit challenge! Check Discover this Friday for our new theme announcement!