The New Social Media Experience: Paradise, Friends, Adventure

January 30 is National Plan a Vacation Day. While it seems from Instagram that literally everyone you know is on a vacation or preparing for one, the truth is that may not actually be the case. It’s refreshing to know that the real experience takes place behind the photos, what you see on your friends’ social media feeds may only be the highlights.

What if your vacation was part of your social media experience — something more than just posting photos for others to admire? We’re talking about a vacation with friends, shared experiences, and “all the things”.

For over a decade, IMVU, the world’s largest avatar-based social network, has been a source of escape for over 200 million users looking to virtually experience “vacation vibes” in the most immersive, imaginative, and stunning resort destinations, simply by logging in.

IMVU is more than a game, even more than a social network where you publish your life’s chronicles by posting photos simply for others to see. It’s a virtual social network designed to help you immerse yourself in a setting where the experience comes from sharing an adventure, a chat, a moment with someone else. We all know that the best memories are usually not about the place, but the people with whom you share a memorable moment.

For National Plan a Vacation Day, here are some of our favorite vacation destinations in IMVU’s virtual paradise, where millions of users are connecting everyday by doing something together. Though the enviable sunkissed tans are on their avatars alone, the opportunity to “reset” as we do from a vacation in paradise is available anywhere, anytime.

Love Island by Sunraiser

One of our favorite islands is a place with global popularity connecting people from all of the world to: take a dip in the water, take a cruise on a jet ski, or fly as high as you can parasailing across the ocean. Imagine having this virtual experience with your new friend from Paris — the “realness” of the fun you’re having together becomes a topic of conversation as you embark on the adventure. Though your Parisian friend may say, “Volons dans le parachute!” and you excitedly reply “SURE!” (having no idea what they said), suddenly together you’re parasailing over a virtual ocean.

Exotic Beach by xJ4CKSINx

Have you ever wanted to surf with local Hawaiians and feel the rush of the wave? Surfing lessons are not required on IMVU. Dive into a room like Exotic Beach and find yourself on a surfboard with your new friend from Finland. Sure you and your Finnish friend may know nothing about surfing, but it becomes an experience that you take on together, complete with a high five and a “shaka bra”. Imagine the conversations, leave behind the wipeouts.

Lotus Beach by Pinklotus 11

An engaging match of beach volleyball with your friends from Manila might be the perfect way to learn a few Tagalog words. Sand burns aside, the fun comes from volleying back and forth, laughing, and getting in the zone of friendly competition. When you hear a hearty “Nanalo tayo!!” from your Filipino opponent, you can’t help but wonder if you are upset because you lost a virtual game or happy because you just had a really great time doing it.

Night Island Resort by JensenAutumn

Here’s our favorite part — when that friendship becomes something more. Thousands of IMVU friendships have turned into an online romance, hundreds have turned into a real-life marriage. How do these connections happen? Here’s a spot. This picturesque nighttime room is a popular destination for people looking to chill, listen to music, dance, and relax under the stars. Once in a while, the romantic setting inspires something that goes a little, or a lot, further than friendship — perhaps a new love.

Are you ready for paradise, friends, sun, and adventure? It’s time to join the new social media experience on IMVU.