BTA: Stymesh

Passion. Play. Profession.

Go behind the avatar and find out Stymesh’s story on how she utilized her shop to create opportunities IRL.

IMVU: How did you get started on IMVU?

Stymesh:  I was at my lazy times in the office surfing the net when I found IMVU’s site. I was intrigued, then I tried it and become addicted to it.

IMVU: How long have you been a creator – and how was that transition from user to creator?

Stymesh: I’ve been a creator for more than 7 years, my first account got disabled because I didn’t know there were rules hehe. Then I made a comeback and made sure I complied with the Terms Of Service. Transitioning from user to creator didn’t take me so long because I always wanted to make my own stuff, so by asking around and with the help of some experienced creators in IMVU, I learned to Create.

IMVU: How do you describe your shop – what do you specifically create?

Stymesh: Oh gosh I have tried everything, from clothing, accessories, poses, etc, but meshing is what I really love doing and it is what I focus on my shop right now because it’s like turning your imagination into reality. But I’m glad I learned texturing first because meshing is nothing without it.

IMVU: What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop and why?

Stymesh: I love the stuff that IMVU requests from me for login or VIP gifts because it’s always a challenge. A lot of times, they will send me a photo and I will agree to make the item, even if my head says, “Crap, can I do that?” Haha. But then I am able to do it and it’s such an accomplishment – I never thought I could do stuff like that. I love learning something new.

But my favorite items are probably the food, haha. I know you don’t actually eat on IMVU, but I love seeing them in shop especially the cakes.

IMVU: How often are you creating new products?

Stymesh: Always. Like when I’ve been away for a week from creating, I miss it or my friends will message me and ask, “Where are the new stuff?” haha.

IMVU: How often do you log onto IMVU?

Stymesh: Mostly when I’m creating, I rarely chat.

IMVU: How has IMVU helped you in a personal way – if any?

Stymesh: A lot. Like a lot. First of all, I quit my real life job for this, which was a risk since I was a newlywed then. But I loved creating in IMVU, even when I only made a little profit and it paid off eventually.

It’s like getting paid while playing.

With my earnings in IMVU, I was able to pay for my mom’s monthly amortization (it’s in its 5th year now), I was able to buy a car, I’ve been able to invest in a printing business, travel to Singapore with my husband, and the latest accomplishment was being able to loan a Condo unit. All in all, IMVU has helped me and my family financially.

IMVU: Is your style in real life similar to your style in IMVU?

Stymesh: Nope. I try making Stymesh look more like a conservative, petite Asian, but then again there are lots of great bustier clothing and high heeled shoes that I can’t say no to. 😀

IMVU: Do you feel like there’s any overlap at all with regards to your personal life as opposed to your IMVU life? Why or why not?

Stymesh: My avatar is living the life that I have not lived when I was younger – rich, pretty, and famous.

IMVU: Have you ever met with your IMVU friends IRL? Or do you prefer to keep things separate?

Stymesh: I have met with a lot of Filipino IMVU’ers in real life, and one of them even became my best friend. Maybe I can meet more of them when given the chance.

IMVU: What other creators/users do you admire and why?

Stymesh: I am always a fan of lots of creators ahead of me, but what I admire from them the most is when they are willing to help or share their knowledge with other creators.

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

Stymesh: IMVU is where I have made my dreams come true. I have always loved the arts, ever since I was a child, and never thought I could return to it because I took a different course in College. It was what we could afford at the time. So I am so happy and content with my situation now.

IMVU: Any secret tips/tricks from being a user all these years? Something maybe your average user wouldn’t know?

Stymesh: My tip is to enjoy IMVU by gaining a lot of friends, because even if you have loads of stuff in your inventory, if you have no friends to show it to, it’s just boring.

IMVU: Any suggestions/words of advice for someone who’s just starting out as a creator?

Stymesh: For users who want to be a creator, but still clueless on everything, my tip is just keep learning, keep asking, keep trying, and don’t worry about making mistakes because that’s how any successful creator in IMVU learns.