All About VIP

Think you know everything about VIP? There’s a lot you might be missing!

My name is VUMARU – you may recognize me from the IMVU Official Twitch streams we have been doing recently, including today’s stream which talked all about our VIP membership! We had a great time and covered the details around IMVU’s premium subscription.

So what do you get?


FREE CREDITS. Every month you receive 5,000 free Credits as a VIP member.  As part of our loyalty program, we’ll give you even more Credits the longer you stay a VIP.

DISCOUNTS. VIP members save Credits on every catalog purchase with a 5% discount in the catalog and a 10% discount in Badges and Premium Names.

EXCLUSIVE SALES. You’ll also have access to sales that are EXCLUSIVE to our VIP club. These sales are the biggest discounts we offer, so you don’t want to miss them if you’re a deal hunter.


If free Credits, discounts, and sales aren’t your thing…there’s loads more to VIP.


SHOP TOGETHER. Shopping just isn’t as fun alone. It’s better with friends! VIP members have access to the exclusive Shop Together function. This means you can try products on together, suggest a new top, and interact with each other while trying on items from your favorite Creators. It’s the most popular way to shop on IMVU!

VIP Members can also organize all of their outfits into lists that can be saved for special occasions. For our friends with those HUGE CLOSETS, this is a lifesaver.

STATUS. VIP members will never show a ‘Guest_’ in front of their name. They’ll also rock a super slick VIP badge on their profile, as well as a CROWN on IMVU Next and Mobile. I can’t decide which I like more… 😉

Status not your thing? You can always hide the badge in your settings.

If you’re indecisive like me you’ll also receive a complimentary name change token after 3 months of VIP membership. Go on and become ‘The Artist Formerly Known as V’.

ADVANCED CHAT FEATURES. You get loads of bonuses for being a VIP member while chatting. You’ll unlock a list of exclusive actions you can utilize to interact and surprise your friends. You can host rooms for your friends and make new ones. The best part is you won’t have to choose because you get 10 Chat Room Slots just by being a VIP member. You can also create 10 groups to categorize your shopping friends to talk about the latest look and your latest love interest. And probably biggest of all you can whisper privately in chat rooms. SSShhhh…..

FREE STUFF. Every month VIP members receive an entire decorated room for FREE. All you have to do is log in, give a gift to a friend(share the love!!) and you’ll receive your room.

SUPPORT. If you’re a VIP member you shouldn’t have to wait. So enjoy prioritized support and live chat with our agents for any issue you have!

CREATE. All VIP members have the ability to join our Creator Program.  This is how all of your favorite Creators started creating their own products and then started earning real money everytime they sell something in the catalog. Today, there are millions of shoppers on IMVU, so if you create it, we’ll help you sell it.  Cha-ching! 💰

And if you’re new to creating on IMVU and need help getting started, check out the slick, newly updated Creator Education Center!


Ok cool!  So how do I get VIP?

VIP comes in a monthly, 3 month or yearly tiered subscription plan. Or if you prefer, you can find our select gift cards in many major stores which gets you VIP.  Bonus: there are often exclusive limited edition gifts just for buying gift cards!

Get VIP!