IMVU Advent Calendar 2018

Happy Holidays from your friends at IMVU! This month, we are doing an Advent Calendar on our Instagram with 25 Days of IMVU Giveaways. Read more on how to win!

Starting December 1st, 2018, we will be doing an Advent Calendar to count down the final days of the year!

The first Advent Calendar can be traced back to 1851 in Germany. Those who observed Christianity used to mark the days of Advent (the season in which many Christian churches observed as a time of preparation for the Nativity of Jesus) by marking their door everyday with chalk up until Christmas.

25 chalk marks to represent the 25 days leading to Christmas.

In 1920, Advent Calendars turned to how they’re generally used today – a little door was added to the calendar so people could “open” each day and reveal a gift inside.

On IMVU, we celebrate all – all religions, faiths, origins, ethnicities, sexual orientation. We celebrate our COMMUNITY and this month, we’re focused on celebrating and giving back to YOU.

That is why this month, we will be holding an IMVU Advent Calendar on our Instagram. Each day, at 9am PT, we will be posting up an image on our Instagram page. To reveal the “gift inside”, swipe right on the image to see the giveaway.

Follow the instructions in the caption to be entered to win the giveaway.

We will announce the winner on our Instagram stories the following day. Giveaways can range from credits, to wishlist items, to Creator customs, and art edits!

We will be giving away a prize EVERY DAY for 25 days, so there will be plenty of chances to win! Just make sure that you have your notifications turned to “on” so you don’t miss a day!

Good luck to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Love, IMVU



  1. Make sure you’re following our Instagram page
  2. Turn on your “post notifications” so you’re alerted when our posts go live
  3. Perform the action stated in the caption
  4. Swipe “right” on the image to “unlock” and reveal the prize giveaway
  5. Check back the following day on our Instagram Stories to see if you are the lucky winner!
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