Happy Mother’s Day! Love, IMVU

We all crave connection.  The sense of belonging is secondary only to our survival needs, and it starts from the day we are born. IMVU users all over the world experience connection beyond simply talking and chatting because in IMVU we deep dive into what it really means to connect: to be present to listen, to share an experience that involves laughter and goodwill, and to feel empathy and all the emotions that come when we do more than just “talk”.

For Mother’s Day, we asked our IMVU users about their mothers because every human on the planet knows that the bond between a mother and a child is the most powerful form of connection in the world.  It’s unbreakable and it’s the reason we prosper as adults and are able to connect with friends, partners, lovers, and communities.

So for this Mother’s Day, we want to share what our IMVU users had to say about their own mother because they celebrate connection, love, and relationships between mother and child.

“The woman who inspires me the most is my mom. She was a housewife for 20 years and when my dad got sick with cancer and passed away, she needed to figure out quickly how to make money.  So she got a job and raised my family on her own as a single mother until we were old enough to support her. If it had not been for her, we would have been out on the street homeless just months after my dad passed away. So I look up to her and thank her for supporting us. xWinterRosex 

xWinterRosex found a profound connection with her mother through inspiration and the example her mother set during difficult times.


“Hands down the woman I admire the most is my mother. As cheesy as it may sound, it is very true. She raised two daughters on her own giving up dreams and aspirations to be a mother. She is never selfish and has always hustled to give us whatever we wanted even though we did not have a lot of money. Not only that, but, she walked away from a job as a data entry clerk to take care of me full time after I was born prematurely and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age three. Ever since then, she has been my advocate. Always supporting me through doctor’s appointments, school, and countless surgeries. Ironically, because she raised me to be so independent, I did not realize the severity of my disability until I was older. But because of that, I have determination, empathy, and a longing to change the world for the better. I owe her the world and if I could physically move Earth and give it to her, I would!” -Coachetta

Coachetta and her mother relied on their mother/daughter bond to create possibility in life, despite disability and unfortunate circumstances.

“Every time someone asks me who’s the woman who inspired me the most. I always answer that it’s my mom. She’s all that I am or hope to be, she’s my teacher and my inspiration. She’s a beautiful woman with heart .The way she unconditionally loves my father made me believe in true love. She’s never too tired of doing the household chores that caused her to have high blood pressure. She always tells me that she will never be tired of being a mother cause that’s the most wonderful thing that happened to her. My mom’s always been very supportive towards my decisions in life, she taught me how to value myself with respect and pride despite what others tells me, to never give up and pursue my passion no matter how much others try to make me fall. My mom’s definitely my rock I am always going to be proud of her. I will always vote for her for being the best woman in the world, and I am not embarrassed to shout that out to the universe. No one will ever replace the love of a mother to her children. I totally, completely, overwhelmingly, eye-poppingly, life-changingly, spectacularly, passionately, deliciously love my mother. I will never forget everything what she’s done to me and to our family. She will always be in my heart and in my mind.” SareaCael

SareaCael’s mom gave her the life lessons in self-love and respect so that she could make decisions in life on her own. In her words, no one will ever replace the love of a mother to her children.

“I am proud, thankful and one of the happiest people alive to say my Mom has inspired me. She has inspired me to be a better person because of all the hard times that we’ve been through. She has been able to wipe the tears from my eyes and embrace the smile on my face. She is the person who I think is one of the most amazing people I know, therefore she is the person who I look up to for inspiration.

Life was hard for her, but she never gave up because she knew that she had four young children, who she would die for, waiting at home. She was strong and powerful in every aspect of life: mind, body, and soul. When times got hard, she just thought about us and nothing else, as long as it’s what we wanted and if we would benefit from it. She has helped us get through the tears, pain, and hurt of our lives. But how did she feel? No one ever knew, because she never took time for herself, it was all about her children. Throughout all the ups and downs, I pray that my mom is always happy and I pray that I make her proud. God Bless her.” MoyaMiller

Unconditional love and faith is the foundation for MoyaMiller’s mom and her four children.