BTA: Unequal

We teamed up with a few artists and Creators for our #IMVUAdvent Calendar on Instagram. One of them was Unequal, who has been creating edits for over six years. Check out her story below, Behind The Avatar. 

IMVU: What’s your Avatar Name?

Unequal: Unequal

IMVU: How did you get started on IMVU?

U: I actually came across an ad for IMVU. I have always LOVED all things makeup, beauty, and fashion from a very young age, so when I discovered you could style a virtual avatar, I was really excited.

IMVU: How did you get started as an artist on IMVU?

U: I drew A LOT in school (was constantly told off for it, oops!) but I never seemed to get anywhere with it. When I started IMVU, it didn’t take me long to come across the GASR (Graphic Art Services and Requests) section. I [immediately got] right in there, and was very excited to get started! I knew absolutely nothing about art, but I knew this was something I wanted to spend my time doing.

The community was amazing, extremely helpful, and that was the start of my journey as an IMVU artist.

“A few of my very early edits (6+ years ago?)”

IMVU: What have been some of your favorite edits? 

U: My first ever large edit has to be one of my top faves! I usually work on a 320×440 canvas, so upgrading to something 100000x the size was very new. My friend told me to upload it to NEXT, and it got onto discover! I found a new love for art since then, and I now have committed myself to large pieces only.

One of my other faves is a concept piece I did based on Barbie. I wanted to commit to a full body, whilst staying true to my own aesthetic.

My latest TET is my holiday themed celebration! This is 100% my favourite edit I’ve EVER done. I really wanted to mix my latest products with my art here, and I was extremely happy with the result!

IMVU: How often do you create new edits?

U: I create whenever I have the chance. I have a very loving consumer base so there’s always something new to create if I’m not working on my own things! I only create something for myself twice a month, but I’d like to create triple the amount starting 2019!

IMVU: What do you describe as your “style” when it comes to editing?

U: I like my style to be very raw, “messy”, and semi-realistic. I am constantly trying new things, and my style can evolve very dramatically in a short amount of time. I will always want my art to stay raw and messy though, because that’s the thing I like the most about my art. It gives everything personality in my opinion, plus my editing style has no structure. I like to start on the face, stop half way and do hair, go back to the face etc, etc.

IMVU: What advice would you give for users who might want to try their hand out in editing?

U: Never doubt your art. Your style is YOUR style. NOTHING will ever be incorrect. No art program is the right program, and no technique is the correct technique for the job.

The most important bit of advice I can give is to never give up. You will constantly doubt yourself in the beginning, and others may as well, but it’s only your opinion that truly matters at the end of the day. Set yourself small goals at a time, reach those, be proud and push harder!

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

U: IMVU will always have such a special place in my heart since we have literally grown together.

I’m reaching my 11th year here, and I am still excited about new opportunities, new beginnings and the room for growth. My journey is about to take a new turn, and I’m extremely excited to have made it this far.

Thanks to IMVU, I have the opportunity to connect the virtual world to the real world and pursue a career in this environment.


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