COVID19 Response: Thank you for your donations!

Together, we can make a difference.  Isn’t that the truth! As you know, we have recently organized a series of cause marketing efforts to give back to organizations that are responding to the various global crises that we’ve experienced together in 2020.  And as we write this, in no way do we want to take credit (no pun intended) for the idea nor the contributions that have been made to nonprofit organizations on the frontlines of the recovery efforts.  These efforts have 100% been inspired by you – the worldwide IMVU community, who are the heroes behind this initiative.

As a company, we have the privilege of witnessing all the amazing ways you benefit from the IMVU community, the product, your relationships, and the shop, and this year it has been particularly clear that charitable giving, kindness, and generosity are also a beautiful way in which you have supported each other, especially during the period of wildfires in Australia and now the COVID19 pandemic.  We are proud to say that this most recent effort has amassed an impressive donation to the UN Foundation COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund in the amount of $100,555. MASSIVE THANKS TO YOU – OUR WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY!

We want to take a moment to give a well-deserved shout out to all of you who have purchased the limited edition #HUGinVU loungewear set worn proudly in IMVU chatrooms for the last several weeks, and also all the Creators who have donated Credits from their accounts directly to the fundraiser itself.

Here’s what some of our Creators had to say about the fundraiser and the pandemic that we are experiencing together.


The world is under attack by a scary and deadly virus and we all need to fight it together. Medical Supplies and other resources are needed to combat this. This is my contribution to help fight this pandemic. A fight we will win. I would like to encourage everyone to help in any way they can #icareaboutyou- be safe- stay@home.


I believe our purpose in life is to help other people. I have spent many hours in the creative universe of IMVU. So, when it was suggested that I could use IMVU currency, and bring it into the real world, to support Covid-19 relief, I jumped at the opportunity. It is a win-win situation, it validates my time at IMVU, and it provides some much needed help in supporting others.


I feel that this donation is small to what the world is dealing with at this time. I wanted to help a few close friends that needed help as well that can’t get VIP at this time because of this situation. But again a huge thank you to IMVU for keeping this site up, to give us something to do while we need to stay at home. My prayers go out to all who have lost someone. Please stay safe everyone. Sincerely, Candried


Dear IMVU Creator team, you set a good example and that touched and inspired me a lot. IMVU is my community, in this difficult time we should stick together globally. I am grateful to be part of it and to be able to help.


It was my pleasure to be able to donate.  I believe we all have something to give no matter how little we have and we live in a time where we all need to help as many as we can.


After having seen all the misery on TV, I did not even need to think about IMVU’s appeal to donate. It was a natural reaction. I had the funds and I did not need them, so why not give them to help others? That is what I have been doing all my life, whether it be for humans, or for furry creatures. I am glad that I could help.


My Bro and I have been lucky to have done well as Creator’s here on IMVU we see it as our duty to help out in troubled times. I have helped out with about all the charitable events given by IMVU and I am happy to help others in need. I am looking forward to seeing this worldwide pandemic come to a speedy end.


I decided to donate because COVID19 is a disease that is taking the lives of many people. I want to thank IMVU for the opportunity it’s giving me to be able to be part of this fight.


It was my pleasure to contribute to such a noble cause. My husband bjarnebo also contributed. As essential workers ourselves, my husband and I are grateful to IMVU for creating this opportunity to supprt during this difficult time for so many. Thank you and stay safe.


For me it is a wonderful thing that I can help in the fight against Covid19. I believe that only together we can defeat this invisible and extremely dangerous enemy. I am glad that IMVU offered us this chance to help other people who have problems or are in need and that it united us on this platform. Thank you and please stay safe! 


As a Creator on IMVU, my virtual shop receives business from users across the globe. The Credits that I receive with each purchase will usually go straight back into creating. Instead I saw an opportunity to give back to the community by showing solidarity and I decided to donate these credits towards the WHO Covid-19 Fund. So, not only did I help make a difference, but so did every user who purchased a product and supported my shop, so thank you.


Living in a state in Australia which had and is currently still under Covid19 restrictions, watching the job losses and financial impact it has had on people, I felt like being in a position, which thankfully I wasn’t impacted financially or via the virus itself, it was my duty as a person to try and assist in any way possible.  While doing my bit within my community, once IMVU made it public that they were also conducting a special appeal, I thought it was another great way of being able to reach beyond the shores of Australia to try and assist.  We have been very lucky in Australia and I wanted to spread a bit of that luck through taking up the option with IMVU to contribute 200k of my sale profits towards the cause.  I hope it will make someone’s life a little easier and more hopeful under the current world crisis. Finally, I want to thank IMVU for creating this appeal and allowing Creators to option in to share their profits with those in need.


I’ve been fortunate enough with my Dev work to be able to help out others in need here and in real life through the charity events sponsored  by IMVU. The recent events around the world have seen life-changing consequences for all of us in all walks of life. So many have lost their jobs and their much needed incomes. This has caused a strain on even the most stalwart of families. I look forward to when this “Pandemic” is in the rear-view mirror and we can get back to work and to our friends and family. Until we reach that point, stay healthy and safe.


I donated because I know how hard it is right now and since I’m blessed with being home and having an online job, I would like to share my blessings to people who needed it right now. Before this good cause, I made a fundraiser and with the help of generous Creators, we are able to send 5 kilos of rice each to 50 Filipino people. IMVU Creators are generous, all you need is ask. I believe that together we can survive this.


This COVID-19 will shift our behaviour of living. With a little help from everyone, we will pass together.

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