We Stand with Creators

Protect your creations and our Creator community

IMVU is where creativity and self-expression thrive and we at IMVU stand with Creators by doing everything we can to support a healthy Creator community. So, let’s talk about the importance of original content.

Original content is the magic that comes from the inner workings of your imagination and your unique perspective on the world. It is your most valuable asset and is also a major contribution to the entire IMVU community. We firmly honor and protect your right to promote and sell your original content. One of the biggest threats to your original content is when it is stolen, which is not only highly illegal, but also bad for every Creator and Producer at IMVU.

Whether it’s a texture stolen from an internet search, files ripped from a fraudulent Client, or a trademark used without permission, content theft hurts every Creator who works hard to follow the rules and build their own brand. But creating original content can be challenging and there are best practices, which we are happy to share to support you.

Are you new to texturing and looking for some files to start with? Feel free to use Google Image search, but be sure to look for images that are royalty-free. Google makes that easy. Check out this article. Don’t just go to a popular web store and steal textures from someone else either.

Some content thieves rip mesh, texture, and animation files and upload them as their own. We encourage all Creators to sign up for Extended Creator Reports, a very useful tool that detects when there are likely digital copies of your creations. Then you can file a DMCA to have the content removed.

Some Creators would be rightfully angry if they detected that their own content was stolen by another. Some of those same Creators might turn a blind eye when they see a popular trademark being used. According to our Terms of Service and the law, these are all equally bad and could end up being the reason an account is permanently disabled. Keep in mind: popular brands sometimes even legally protect specific color variations or fonts. Simply removing a logo is not enough!

Being a top-tier Creator is a huge achievement, and every time stolen content reaches its way into the catalog, it is potentially taking the spot of a Creator who has worked much harder to get there. When you use stolen content you are undermining your fellow Creators. Don’t take the easy way out!