Diamond VIP Community Events

We’re bringing more fun events and hangout spots onto the platform that are exclusively for 💎Diamond VIPs💎

Here you will find links and information about Diamond VIP Events, where to find what, and much more!  

VIP Party announcement

UPCOMING: VIP Community Events 

These exclusive VIP Community Events will be hosted by IMVU staff. VIPs are welcome to join the chat with questions and recommendations about VIP. 

Plus, be sure to dress up your avatar based on the event’s outfit attire, and if IMVU staff likes your outfit you could get gifted an item on your wishlist


FIRST-EVER Diamond VIP Party 💎✨

Outfit Attire:  Sparkly outfits that drip diamonds ✨

When: Friday, November 11th
Time: 1:30 PM PT to 2:30 PM PT 
WhereLIVE Room: VIP Blue Lagoon Room, decorated by @RAW  

If the Live Room is full or if you are a Classic user, join us in one of the public rooms listed down below.

Public Rooms

💬 Join IMVU’s VIP Slack Group

Stay in touch with VIP events, news, and announcements when you join our brand new VIP Slack group! It’s a great place to meet other Diamonds and connect with IMVU staff.

Diamond VIPs keep an eye out for an invite in your messages.