VU Influencers of 2023

Five avatars wearing fancy clothes

Wow! What an extraordinary journey it has been on IMVU throughout 2023! 

Join us as we raise our digital banners and shower our amazing VU influencers with a massive shoutout for rocking the metaverse with their creativity, style, and magnetic personalities. They’ve truly made 2023 a year to remember! 

From setting fashion trends that turned heads to hosting the most epic parties that lit up our screens, these influencers were the sparks that drove our community. Each of them brought their unique flair, leaving an indelible mark on IMVU.

As we enter 2024, we can hardly wait to see the next wave of influencers. Get ready for more excitement, creativity, and endless possibilities on IMVU. 

To our incredible influencers, thank you for being part of our journey in 2023 and bringing excitement to our IMVU community. 

Cheers to more incredible moments ahead in 2024!

Male avatar wearing jeans and an orange shirt

My favorite part of being a VIP influencer is hosting parties, having fun and take pictures. -theyloveBryson

Male avatar wearing a black suit

I have been a VIP VU influencer Since May 2023, and what I love about it is that we help host live events, shopping guides, and more. – Davon

Male avatar holding a coffee cup

My favorite thing about being an IMVU Influencer is that I love connecting with others in the community and spreading positivity. – ShamirJH

The best part of being a VIP influencer is sharing my fashion sense and influencing others’ tastes. -Tw1ny

Female avi wearing a red top

We are a diverse and unique community at IMVU, where people from different backgrounds come together to create a beautiful kaleidoscope. In 2020, we realized the strength of our community as we connected with each other from all corners of the world. IMVU provides us with a platform to keep our bonds strong. -RozePetals

Male avatar wearing a black suit

I just started as an influencer, but so far my favorite part about being VIP influencer is being able to be a part of a group and to be given the opportunity to connect with other influencers and users. -giles4

Blonder avatar wearing a gold dress

What I love about IMVU’s community is the amount of talent that everyone has whether it is creating, decorating, taking pictures/videos, modeling, and style. It’s nice to see and appreciate the community’s creativity. -OliveTheory

Being a Spotlight influencer gives me more opportunities to express myself, its my way to challenge myself and my creativity. And it has helped me to believe more in myself and learn a lot of new stuff about the Imvu world. -KatalinaAva

Female avatar wearing a red dress

My favorite part of being a VU influencer is collaborating with others who share my passion for Imvu – the pictures, parties, and fashion! – BellaQuinn

Female avatar wearing a short black dress

I love being a VU influencer because seeing my creations come alive for thousands of users to love fills my world with joy. Being part of the influencer group has inspired me to a whole new level and I absolutely love it. -AngeliteGreyson

Female avatar wearing a hat
Avataf wearing black jeans

I am passionate about creating things and being a VU  influencer. It has given me the opportunity to shine and dedicate myself to what makes me happy. -Izabela

I love being a VIP influencer because I get to be part of the IMVU community and help others. Plus, I meet more of the community by doing events and making new friends and memories. -GoddessD0

Female avatar wearing a blue bucket hat

I adore IMVU for it’s creative opportunities that players can explore. Through IMVU, I express my creativity by crafting intricate rooms and capturing artistic photographs. Additionally, the platform has facilitated the formation of wonderful friendships and collaborations on various projects. -AdriannaFaye

What I love about the IMVU community is how friendly everyone is. Even if everyone comes from different parts of the world, everyone tries to get along with each other to have a safe space and user-friendly environment. -itsRMBS

Male avatar wearing a white coat

What I love about the IMVU community is the creativity of users, especially fellow creators. I especially love seeing the creations people make from my meshes.  People can transform a blank shape into unique outfits to express themselves in ways they may not be able to in real life. -Roy

Female avatar with black hair

IMVU has been a huge part of my life since 2009. I have met my best friends within the past few years who are not only a part of my IMVU life but my real life as well. Most importantly I love how we can meet and connect with users from different walks of life. So, cheers to many more adventures! -GoddessofDestruction

Female avatar wearing her hair up in a bun

Being able to be a VU influencer has allowed me to create items and host parties, I have met some amazing people being an influencer and have loved hosting the themed parties and decorating the rooms for them. -oLOUo

Female avatar wearing a red dress

IMVU is a unique and creative space for me to express myself through personalized avatars and making new friends around the world. One of the best virtual platform to hangout. It’s a digital canvas for imagination and social connection. -JaneRuby

Female avatar wearing a long red dress

As a VIP influencer, one of my favorite aspects is hosting events where I can meet a lot of new and amazing people. With every event I organize, I get to know more about their interests and hobbies. It’s exciting to offer unique and unforgettable experiences to my guests, something that they never thought would happen. -iovemarie

Female avatar with flowers in the background

What I love about IMVU is that it’s a great place to meet new people and make friends, as well as an amazing outlet to explore my creativity. -Lakx

Male avatar wearing a suit with red shoes

As a VU influencer, I enjoy inspiring others to be more creative and watching them succeed in streaming, whether it’s for their agencies or for fun events, parties, and weekly themes. -Eur0pean

Female avatar wearing a blue skirt
Female avatar wearing a white dress and black hat
Male avatar wearing a white suit
Female and male avis standing next to each other
Female and male avatars standing next to each other
Female avatar dressed as a fairy
Female avatar wearing a pink skirt and orange top
Female avatar wearing a pink dress
Male avatar wearing a suit
Male avatar wearing all black