Your Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving brings out the best in home-cooked family recipes, pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of apple pie, and also…empty grocery stores, long lines, traffic, family drama, and the beginning of a downhill food battle for the rest of the holiday season.

In IMVU, we grant you the power to create your perfect Thanksgiving, or at least an opportunity to experience all of the best parts of this holiday season and escape all the to do lists and the inevitable drama. So light your apple pie scented candle, sip your pumpkin spice latte, and log on because you are about to have what we like to call — Your Perfect IMVU Friendsgiving.

  1. What to wear? We got it covered. Grab some thigh-high boots, a fur jacket, and top it off with a cute hat. Don’t forget to tag us in your selfie. Shop your dream look from the IMVU Fall Fashion Creator Showcase.

2. Expensive flights? Traffic? Visit your friends and family from anywhere in the world, without leaving your house. On IMVU, they are virtually there, but the feels are real.

3. Family Drama? Grab your lover and escape to your own paradise.

4. Stuck at the dining table for four hours and then family board games come out? Log on with your dancing shoes on and dance the night away.

5. Overeat at dinner? Goodbye holiday bulge, hello holiday hottie.