Go Behind The Avatar with ZE0, as we interview her on how she got started, how she began creating edits, and her advice for new editors. 

IMVU: Hi ZE0! How long have you been on IMVU?

ZE0: [I’ve had] my avatar since April 2010. I started with another name at first, then I changed my name to ZE0.

IMVU: How did you come up with ZE0? What does it represent, if anything?

Z: Initially, I used “zeolite” and then switched to ||ZEO||. [But] I was interested to use [something] more unique, like ZE0. So i asked the IMVU team and they informed me that I could use [that name], which was still available [and I purchased it] via Premium Names.

IMVU: How did you find IMVU?

Z: I was invited by a friend who told me how IMVU would be interesting to me. At that time, IMVU for me was a beautiful and diverse 3D game for players to get creative in terms of fashion and decoration. And we can chat by building our own communities, and by making relationships with people around the world.

IMVU: What are some of your favorite moments on IMVU?

Z: [I love spending] time exploring the shop to create my new looks and also meeting my friends. It felt like love at first sight when I got onto IMVU, because I feel like IMVU had everything I loved and all of my passions – it’s art, fashion, creativity, and all about friendship, especially.

IMVU: When did you start creating edits?

Z: I stopped using my avatar for many years because of my work in real life, but I came back online two years ago and started to edit my avatar only a year ago. It was then I found my passion to edit avatar to become art. To make it more than just an ordinary photo. To make the photo look alive.

IMVU: What has been your favorite edit so far?

Z: I can’t choose one that I like the most because every time I edit a photo, I try to make it the best and better than I ever could. So all the pictures that I have made are the ones that I like the most. And I believe that there must be more that I’ll like more and more.

IMVU: What piece of advice would you give to a new editor?

Z: First, you need to be creative, obsessive, and find your passion in art – always keep practicing. And the most important [thing] is for you to find your own way and make your own signature. [That would be] my opinion.

IMVU: How long does it take to create an edit?

Z: 2-6 hours, [depending] on the complexity.

IMVU: What do you consider as your editing “style”?

Z: My signature is plump lips and shiny skin. But if you are talking about my [editing] style, I think my style would be sharp and clean.

IMVU: What is your editing process like?

Z: The main tool I use is the PS program. Mainly, I fix the limitations of an avatar and encourage all things to get better.

IMVU: What is the one thing that you’d like to let your IMVU community know?

Z: Always be original. You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.