Mythical Multiverse Creator Contest

Enter the Mythical Multiverse Creator Contest for BIG Prizes!

Want to step into your own mythical universe? How about creating a brand new superhero, straight from your imagination? What about awesome prizes like thousands of Credits, a Public Chat Room Slot, Badges, or even FREE VIP Membership?

This is your chance to let your imagination fly! Forget what’s trending and what’s hot. You make the rules and you make the looks! It’s YOUR universe after all! Now let’s get started!

To participate, create your very own superhero and supervillain. These characters should be original and unique, completely made up by you.

Your hero and villain come from two opposite worlds:

  • Fire vs. ice, or
  • Wind vs. water, or
  • Dark vs. light, or
  • Opposing worlds that you’ve made up

You will also submit the story behind your hero and villain. Where they came from, what their super powers are, why they are enemies and what they fight for.

To help spark ideas, try considering these questions.

Your Hero and Villain Appearance

  • What do your hero and villain look like?
  • What clothing do they wear?
  • Are they human or non-human? Android? Robot? Creature?

Your Hero and Villain Stories

  • What worlds do your hero and villain come from? ( fire vs. ice, or wind vs. water, or dark vs. light, or opposing worlds that you’ve made up)
  • What is it like for them living in those worlds? Do they love their world? Hate their world? Why?
  • What challenges did your hero and villain face growing up?
  • What are their superpowers and when did they first appear?
  • What made them become a hero or villain? What did each of them experience that made them decide to become a hero or villain?
  • Why are your hero and villain enemies?
  • What do your hero and villain care about or believe in?
  • What are they most afraid of?

Once you’ve started forming your ideas, sketch them out and write them down. When you’re ready, submit your hero and villain entries by April 9, using this form!

Additional details are available in the form. To be considered for this contest, you must submit all materials through the entry form. Emails to staff do not qualify as an entry.