BTA: CSCreations, for Small Business Saturday

IMVU is focusing all on small businesses this weekend with Small Business Saturday! Check out our interview with CSCreations, who submitted her creations on our community page, and spoke to us about her creations for her Behind The Avatar (BTA). 

IMVU: What’s your Avatar Name?

CSCreations: CSCreations

IMVU: How did you get started on IMVU?

CSC: A friend invited me to come RP (role play) with her and other mutual friends, when I went through a rough time in my life while going through a nasty divorce.  

IMVU: How long have you been a creator – and how was that transition from user to creator?

CSC: I have been on IMVU for 8 + years now, and I started creating July of 2010 as part of my RP group. I wanted to have an environment that looked a bit more like what my RP world was all about, however I could not find the right things in the shop so I followed the tutorial on how to make a sticker and it took off from there.

IMVU: How do you describe your shop – what do you specifically create?

CSC: My Shop is an eclectic one to be honest I make everything from custom Furries (after my first one was requested) , to Cosplay Clothing (anime and RP items)  Dragon’s to my own room and furniture Meshes and I just started to dabble in making my own poses.

IMVU: You created this shop with another creator – how did you guys start working together?  

CSC: KingNemsis and I had met during an RP session and he had learned how to make meshes so he made a few custom items just for me. After awhile he taught me how to build my own meshes for rooms and furniture and it took of from there. He still makes custom meshes for me or poses when I can’t seem to get it just right. We also bounce ideas off each other and I always ask his advice on just about every project.

IMVU: What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop and why?

CSC: That is a tough question to answer to be honest. When I started to create I made things I liked, for me to use, I never thought anyone would buy any of it. I only upload something that I am sure I would purchase or it’s not going in my shop. I guess my Witch Hunter Bundle is at the moment one of my favorites, as well as last year’s Christmas room. Why? For one the 2017 Christmas room we made as our first shared room since we got married last September in RL (real life). We made it official a few month later on IMVU and got the marriage pack so we could do our room together. We created this beautiful red, black and gold room with German influences and he had made this amazing Jukebox mesh that I derived off which is one of my favorite pieces in the room.

The Darkmoor Manor Room was meant for halloween and RP reasons. It was inspired by a game that we both play together. The pipe oregon web radio is pretty much my favorite part of the room and the fireplace and of course I can’t forget the Motorcycle up front as well as the Coffin Car lol. I think they turned out great. Like I said I can’t decide. Aside from my rooms, I also love my Dragons, they are based on the D&D rules and description. Each item I make is unique, especially when I put a bundle together. My Zurumbi Ice Elf outfit and my Elegant Bridal outfit, is also in my favorites.

IMVU: How often are you creating new products?

CSC: I would say just about every day at least one if 1 items does not take 3-4 days to complete.

IMVU: How has IMVU helped you in a personal way – if any?

CSC: Well for one, I met my current amazing husband on here. However I would say, that it has also given me a way to share my creativity with others and apparently I got a few die hard fans. I know this is rare but I have met an amazing person that not only supports me as a creator, but encourages me and teaches me a thing or two even now and he was crazy enough to ask me to marry him not once but twice in a way.

IMVU: Have you ever met with your IMVU friends IRL? Or do you prefer to keep things separate?

CSC: Yes I have met with a few of them actually, my Hubby being the obvious one. My friend Noweah that had invited me to IMVU I had met on another game and after I started creating thanks to her encouragement, I met with her and taught her a few things. We got so close that she was my maid of honor at the wedding. I do prefer to keep most of it separate, however I take my privacy and my business serious and my Friends, co-workers and Family do support me which is fantastic.

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?  

CSC: I like that I can connect with many people across the globe. I even made new friends in Germany where I am from. And the most important thing is, it gives me a platform for my creativity and I can get paid for it in royalties. Love that.

IMVU: Any suggestions/words of advice for someone who’s just starting out as a creator?

CSC: Follow your dreams. The worst thing that can happen that you don’t get a sale. If you make stuff that you like and would want to buy and want to use, you be surprised that a lot of times that someone else may like it as well and will buy it. There is always help. Most creators are approachable if you put a little effort into your questions that you ask them. The Forum and groups are a great place to go and find help and tutorials to get started as a creator.

IMVU: What is/are your avatar’s social media handle(s)? 

CSC: Actually on FB I have a page under the same name as on IMVU, CSCreations with a link to my shop. On Twitter you can find me under CSCreationsIMVU.