The Escape Room Project

At IMVU, we describe our experience as an “entertaining break from the real world.”  

Our millions of users create elaborate chat rooms to host an experience that helps deepen friendships and develop new ones.  As we round our 14th year, we’ve seen hundreds of millions of friendships created in our massive library of chat rooms. Together with our community, we are creating the next generation of social media.

But we want to go further – to push beyond creating chat rooms as a backdrop for selfies, squad shots, and OOTD inspo. To experiment with adding more fun to our chatrooms, we introduced the Escape Rooms Project to a few creators that helped us build a prototype for you to experience today.  We are looking for your feedback.

Escape Rooms Project

In the real world, escape rooms are a new form of themed entertainment, which is basically a video game come to life. They are filled with puzzles that teams of people have to solve in order to win.  At the heart of this concept is an interactive story that connects people at a deeper level.  We thought – we need to do this on IMVU. We hope that Escape Rooms will create more potential for our community to develop deeper, more meaningful experiences in this new category of chat rooms.  

The escape room is a metaphor for a story that features you as the main character – later with the addition of your friends to make the story even more fun.  The experience presents an opportunity to explore a calculated journey, investigate a mystery to solve, complete a puzzle to win a prize, or embark on a journey that ends with a pot of gold (or Credits!).

The IMVU Quest

To get started, we worked with Creators, Polystyrene and Second Harvest, to build the very first IMVU escape room – we call it The IMVU QUEST. The experience is a prototype for you to explore, provide feedback (below in the comments) or be inspired to create your own.


Many clues herein you’ll find. At the first, you must begin.  Do not rush the finish line. Lest you have to start again.

The IMVU Quest gives you the opportunity to go further than what you normally enjoy in your favorite chat rooms.  As our first prototype, you’ll enter this room on your own and use your knowledge of moving node to node, to embark on a quest to find a very special prize.  As you progress through your treasure hunt, the nodes you’ll need to unlock the next steps will come sequentially. If you miss them or try to pass to advance too soon, you’ll have to start over.  Go slow, pay attention, enjoy the journey.


Virtually close yet infinitely far, to find the key you must ride on a star.

This is a quest that can only begin by finding the key that unlocks the rest of the journey.  In Act I, you start in a basement, the very bottom floor and foundation from which the story unfolds.  Find the VR goggles to launch into a surprise that will show you the true meaning of a virtual experience and the beginning of your quest.  

Once you appear in the virtual reality space, use your IMVU avatar to explore, moving from node to node. You may discover a pattern that launches you into zero gravity.  High in the sky, you will find the key you seek. Grab it and we’ll begin.

Back where you started in the basement, you’ll discover new doors to walk through as you continue the quest for gold.


Welcome to the mystery study and Act II, a wondrous treasure lies ahead.  There will be clues everywhere to help you find your way. Pay attention. Look around. Play. Have fun. Explore.

Seek the answers one by one and don’t forget to use your head.

Within the study, follow the clues you’ll find.  Remember, do not rush the finish line or you’ll have to start again.  The goal is to find the safe which has the gold you seek. Take your time to explore, try different nodes, read the clues.

Once you get to the gold, capture the moment – let the celebration be shared.  Share on Instagram, tag @IMVU with #IMVUEscapeRoom.

Try It

To find The IMVU Quest, search for “vr+escape” (exact phrase) in the Chat Room menu on our desktop app. To download the desktop app, click here.

Finding The IMVU Quest on Next.

Finding The IMVU Quest on the desktop app.

Tell Us What You Think

We want to make it possible to do more, to find the fun faster, and to give you more ways to have fun with your friends.  Tell us what you think by replying in the comments below.

  • What did you like?
  • What was easy?
  • What was challenging?
  • What would have been useful?
  • What’s missing?
  • Where do we go from here?

Your feedback is important to help us understand more what your ideas are.  Let’s build the future of chat rooms together so we can have more fun and make IMVU better than ever.


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