Fall Into Fashion

It’s finally September and we can hardly contain our excitement! This entire month is dedicated to the fabulous worlds of fashion and art with tons of amazing events, opportunities to earn credits, and an incredible giveaway. Get ready for thrilling photo challenges and celebrations that will have you feeling unstoppable! Let’s make this an unforgettable month of beauty, creativity, and joy!

September Social Club Calendar

Labor Day Weekend Festivities: September 1-4

This Labor Day weekend, we’re saying goodbye to the summer, but with a mega splash! Join us for parties hosted by your favorite VU Influencers and a triple credit promotion from our partners at RevU! Complete offers through Tuesday, September 5, for a chance to earn TRIPLE! 

September 1

Start the long weekend as you unleash your inner mythical self for this week’s Weekend Outfit Challenge! The theme will be announced at precisely 9 AM PT on @IMVUSocial and Instagram. Be ready for an adventure under the sea as you jump into fun all weekend long. 

After you’ve submitted your fit to the feed, jump into our exclusive parties. Check the schedule below for how you can kick off September with a bang! 

  • Moon Beach Party, hosted by MikeyMoon | September 1 at 12 PM PT
  • Endless Summer, hosted by oLOUo and Rozepetals | September 1 at 5 PM PT
  • Under the Sea, hosted by goddessofdestruction | September 1 at 8 PM PT
  • Underwater Dining, hosted by AdriannaFaye | September 2 at 11 AM PT
  • Poolside Neon Night, hosted by MikeyMoon | September 2 at 12 PM PT
  • Seaside Party, hosted by Togram | September 3 @ 1 PM PT
  • Fun in the Sun Pool Party, hosted by BellaQuinn21 | September 3 @ 6 PM PT
  • Modern World, hosted by Izabela | September 4 @ 1 PM PT

ps. if you’ve missed our big giveaway announcement, read all about it here.

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IMVU Creator Fashion Week: September 5-10

We are over the moon to announce that IMVU’s Creator fashion week starts NOW! Revel in the sheer brilliance of our amazing Creators and explore our newest showcase. All week long, we’ll feature Creators across Discover and Instagram; set your alerts so you never miss a post!

September 5

September is off to an exciting start! We couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil this month’s Creator Showcase, which features the incredible talents of kayo0123, M4LANGII, noncoding, Vyme with cozy outfits. Their stunning collection of outfits is sure to leave you in awe. Shop for fall looks all month long and supports this month’s featured Creator collections.

creator showcase kayo0123
creator showcase Vyme
creator showcase noncoding

Plus, as you’re hanging out on IMVU, be sure to mark your calendars for this week’s IMVUltimate Giveaway tasks! Starting today, you can complete our IMVUltimate Streak and our Splash! Pool Party Quest. 

IMVUltimate Streak

Log in on your mobile device, select “Get Rewards” and then “Streaks.” You’ll have 3 chances to complete this 7-day streak and you must log in on your mobile device for 7 consecutive days to complete the streak. If you miss a day, you’ll get 2 more chances to try again! Set a reminder so you don’t forget. As a bonus, we’ll drop some free Promo Credits in your account once it’s completed. 

Splash! Pool Party Quest

Start your Quest at noon PT to earn an exclusive reward and to meet other very important pool partiers! Meet new friends and post to the feed for a chance to be featured. You must be VIP to complete this Quest, level up here.

September 8

Everyone has a personal style, so show us yours in this week’s exciting Weekend Outfit Challenge! We’ll announce the theme Friday at 9 AM PT on @IMVUSocial and @Instagram. 

Starting this weekend, we’re rolling out the red carpet and celebrating our VIPs! Don’t miss out on the fabulous VIP gifts, events and deals we have in store for you, just for being amazing! 

Make sure to join our VIP club by September 6 at 12pm PT to take advantage of exclusive VIP events, exclusive log in gifts, VIP-only offers + and unlock a limited edition Diamond VIP Unicorn. See the weekend’s lineup below: 

  • VIP Like Me Party – September 8, 11-12 AM and 3-4 PM PT – the event of the season is here! Meet other VIPs, hit the dance floor, and post pictures on Feed together. Use the #VU_VIPTY to increase your chances of getting featured on Feed. 
  • VIP Happy Hour – September 9, 2-4 PM PT – cheers to us! Join us for our VIP Happy Hour and snag an incredible deal and an exclusive gift. It’s the perfect way to toast with friends and share the fun with a photo to the feed! We’ll be featuring VIPs on Discover all weekend long. 
  • VIP 24-hour Sale – September 10 – you’ve partied, you’ve toasted friends, now it’s time to treat yourself! Log in for another VIP gift and mega deals! Show off your gifts on your feed using #VU_VIPTY!

New York vs. Milan Fashion Week: September 11-17

Get ready to walk the runway because it’s the ultimate showdown between New York and Milan – our two fashion capitals of the world! We’ve got something extra special in store for all you fashion and art lovers out there, so stay tuned and come back often.

September 12

Even though we celebrate Top Edit Tuesday (TET) every week, this week, we want to celebrate as many amazing edits as possible! Work with a producer or an editor and post your photo with the producer/editor’s name included so everyone enjoys the fame. We can’t wait to see the amazing edits you share – both on Discover and Instagram! Share your TETs with us directly when you Add Yours for a chance at being featured on Instagram.

IMVU Runway Quest

Strut down IMVU’s runway like a superstar in our latest Quest launching today at noon PT! Complete the tasks to claim a reward and post to your feed for a chance to be featured on Discover. Completing this Quest further qualifies you for our IMVUltimate Giveaway.

September 13

We are thrilled to announce the launch of IMVU’s very own art and exhibition space, called Blank Canvas. Last month we asked you to submit your artwork and outfits, so step inside to see our inaugural gallery show. 

Join us for an exclusive party happening all day long on September 13 as we cultivate a creative space for fashion and art across the metaverse! Everyone who attends the gallery opening from 9/13 to 9/14 and enters Blank Canvas will receive a gift from IMVU! Plus, keep the party going when you party-hop to a fashion week party, hosted by our VU Influencers. See below for details. 

September 15

Ready to rock your fashion game and show us if you’re Team NYC or Team Milan? Keep an eye on @IMVUSocial and Instagram because, at 9 AM PT, we’ll announce our next Weekend Outfit Challenge theme, and we can’t wait to see you strut your stuff!

Fall Fashion Week: September 18-24

By the end of this week, we’ll officially hit the Autumnal Equinox, which really just means you can officially enjoy pumpkin-everything without shame or judgment. Celebrate the seasons changing and all the fall fun you can have on IMVU.

September 19

Ahoy, Matey! Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so it’s time to let your inner pirate shine! Use #VU_Pirate for a chance to be featured on Discover and Instagram. We can’t wait to see your pirate style!

Apple Picking Quest

Grab your boots with the fur because, babes, it’s time to go apple picking! Whether you pick a bushel or opt for the cider, this Quest earns you an exclusive reward and puts you closer to winning our IMVUltimate Giveaway.

September 21

Do you remember the 21st of September? Celebrate this musically iconic day and show us your earth, wind, or fire fit. Use the right hashtag based on your outfit: #VU_Earth, #VU_Wind, or #VU_Fire for a chance to be featured on Discover. 

September 22 – Ultimate Fall WOC

In honor of fall, the Ultimate Weekend Outfit Challenge returns! Brace yourself for not one, not two, but THREE chances to win our BIG CREDITS reward. Stay tuned to Instagram and @IMVUSocial for theme announcements and the deets, because each day’s winner will score 10,000 Credits.

Cuffing Season: September 25-30

As September draws to a close and the leaves begin their transformation, let’s get cozy and embrace cuffing season. Plus, don’t forget the spooky season is just around the corner, so make the most of these final days of September.

September 25

With the fall in full swing, it’s time to bring out those fits that scream cozy. Make sure to turn on your notifications because we’ll ask you to show off your best fall fits on Discover and Instagram. 

September 26 

It’s cuffing szn bestie, so show us how you glow up for a first date! Are you feeling fancy or keeping it casual? Share your looks with us using the hashtag #VU_DateFit for a chance to be featured! Show us how your personality shines through your fit! 

Cuffing SZN Quest

Ready for that fall meet cute? Ya, us too! Plus, complete this latest Quest to wrap up your IMVUltimate Giveaway entry and maybe meet a new bae. 

September 28

If you’re like us, you’ve been ready for Halloween for a while now, so let’s start the party with an Early Halloween Sale! For 48 hours, starting September 28, we’re offering sales on multiple Credit packages on mobile! 

VIPs, we have something special lined up for you as well! On September 27, VIPs will get early access to the Early Halloween Sale on mobile, where you can grab a 35% discount on a 10,000 Credits deal! 

As a special bonus for everyone, when you buy our 10K Credit package during the Early Halloween Sale, you’ll receive an exclusive gift from us! How cool is that?

And here’s the cherry on top – share a picture of your exclusive gift on your Feed with the hashtag #VU_FreeGift for a chance to be featured on Discover! So hurry, grab your deals, and let the Halloween season begin!

September 29

The last Weekend Outfit Challenge of the month is here, and we’re leaning hard into cuffing szn! Get ready for the theme announcement at 9 AM PT for your last chance to wow us before we dive head-first into Halloween!