Sunkissed Adventures

Get ready to ignite with excitement this summer! 🌞🏖️ Dive into your summer bucketlist and savor scorching savings. Don’t let the fun slip away—mark your calendar and prepare to get your golden glow on!

Week 1: Summer Glow 

🗓️ July 1 

Creator Showcase 

Get your wardrobe ready for sunkissed adventures with beach boho and European summer looks curated by our talented creators KellyJo, MIA1, gowns, and QBL.🏝️

🗓️ July 1 

Discover Theme of The Day: Summer Slaycation 

Show us how you slay on vacation. Snap a photo in your best summer vacation fit and post to feed with hashtag #VU_Slaycation. 😎✌️

🗓️🥳 July 1

VUI Party: Yoga Brunch Party

Ready to unwind and recharge under the sun? Join VU Influencer KatalinaAva for our energizing Yoga Brunch Party on July 1 at 1PM PDT! 🎉🧘‍♀️ Share your poses, plates, and party vibes using #VUParty_YogaBrunch. 📸✨

Room Link:

🗓️ July 2

Discover Theme of the Day: Summer Makeover

Get your summer glow up on by leveling up your glam! 💄 Shop new hair and makeup and show off your new look on the feed with #VU_Makeover. 

🗓️ July 3

Discover Theme of the Day: Sunglasses 

Grab your favorite pair of shades and head outside! 🕶️☀️ Snap a photo of yourself soaking in the sun with your sunglasses on and post to feed with #VU_Sunglasses. 

🗓️ July 4 

Discover Theme of The Day: Sparks 

Fill the feed with 💥SPARKS 💥! Grab sparklers and head outside to see fireworks light up the night. Capture the moment and post to feed with #VU_Sparks. 🎆

🗓️ July 4 

Fireworks of Deals

Celebrate July 4th with explosive deals and enjoy unbeatable savings on mobile and desktop that are too hot to miss. 🔥 Log in to save big and claim your free gift of a Fireworks Aura designed by MaxSmoke777🎆 PLUS, we have an exclusive bonus reward for our big spenders! Our top 500 users who spend the most in the catalog will receive a free badge tile from us on July 12th. 

🗓️ July 5-7 

Weekend Outfit Challenge 

Get ready to show how you relax for this weekend’s outfit challenge. 😎🏖️Can you guess what this week’s theme is? Check on our Instagram and IMVUSocial on Friday, July 5th at 9am PT for the theme announcement.

Week 2 : Summer Lovin’ 

🗓️ July 8-9 

Hot Girl Summer Sale

This summer, we’re turning up the heat with our Hot Girl Summer Sale! Join AP between July 8th through July 9th (PT), and you’ll receive an exclusive AP Baddie Swim Set designed by oLOUo on July 13th! Already an AP member? Purchase 20K Credits during this period to unlock these sizzling sets. Make this your best summer yet with AP! 

🗓️ July 8 

Discover Theme of The Day: Outdoor Concert 

🎸🎶It’s the season to enjoy music under the sun at an outdoor concert. Go on a shopping spree for a music festival outfit and post about your time to feed with #VU_Concert. 🎵

🗓️🥳 July 8

VUI Party: Summer Splash Bash

Ready to splash into summer fun? Join VU Influencers Goddessofdestruction and delio18 for an unforgettable day of poolside activities and games on July 8 at 11AM PDT! 🎉💦

🔥 Whether you’re perfecting your dive or chilling on a float, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your swimsuit, shades, and bring your best summer spirit! 🕶️👙 Share your splashy shots and summer vibes using #VUParty_SplashBash. 📸🌺

Room Link:

🗓️ July 9 

Discover Theme of The Day: Nature

Take a trip to the mountains 🏔️ and immerse yourself in nature. 🌾 Bask in the sun while indulging in food and drinks. Capture a moment of this serene getaway and share your experience on the feed with #VU_Nature.

🗓️ July 10 

Discover Theme of The Day: Zoo 

Calling all animal lovers. Grab your zoo season pass and discover wonderful animals from all over the world. Take a selfie with your fave animal and tag #VU_Zoo. 🐯🐻🐵

🗓️ July 11 

Discover Theme of The Day: Grill & Chill

Nothing screams SUMMER more than a summer bbq. 🍔🌭Grill and chill with your friends and snap a photo for the feed with #VU_Grill. 🔥

🗓️🥳 July 12

VUI Party: Christmas in July Kick-Off Party

Ready to mingle under the mistletoe in the summer sun? Join VU Influencers RozePetals and Gaf210 for our Christmas in July Kick-Off Party on July 12 at 3PM PDT! 🎉🌴

🔥 Gather ’round for a unique blend of Christmas cheer and summer fun. Let’s make this mid-year holiday unforgettable! 🎄☀️ Share your festive summer photos using #VUParty_ChristmasinJuly. 📸🌺

Room Link:

🗓️ July 12-14 

Weekend Outfit Challenge & Summer Co-ord Set 

☀️ Soak in the sun and show off your summer style this weekend. 👒🕶️ Log in on July 12th to receive a trendy piece of the Summer Babe Co-ord Set designed by oLOUo which is required for the weekend outfit challenge. Check on our Instagram and IMVUSocial at 9am PT to reveal the theme.

Get your hands on the complete Summer Babe Co-ord Set by visiting the IMVU Official Shop on July 12th! Whether you’re headed to the beach, a pool party, or a summer vacay – this set is perfect for men and women who are ready to make a statement this summer! 

Week 3: In My Friendship Era

🗓️ July 15 

Discover Theme of The Day: Desert Island Adventure

🏝️Imagine getting stranded on a deserted island with your friends. How would you spend your time? From writing 🆘messages in the sand to exploring the island 🔍 — what adventures await you? Snap a photo with your friend and post to feed with #VU_Island. 

🗓️ July 16 

Discover Theme of The Day: Museum

Spend the day exploring a museum 🏛 with your bestie. Whether it’s immersing yourselves in an artsy gallery adorned with paintings 🖼️or exploring an interactive museum filled with photo-worthy backdrops, snap a photo with your bestie and post to feed with #VU_Museum.

🗓️ July 17 

Discover Theme of The Day: Neon Nightclub

Create new friendships and unforgettable memories at a vibrant neon nightclub. 🕺💃 Capture the energy of the night by snapping a photo with your newfound squad and share it on the feed with #VU_Nightclub.

🗓️ July 18 

Discover Theme of The Day: Dressed By The Best

Put your friendship to the test by letting your bestie dress you up! Share the results by flaunting the outfit chosen by your bestie on the feed and tag your photo with #VU_DressedByBestie.

🗓️🥳 July 18

VUI Party: Let’s Get Wavey! – Tropical Bash by the Sea!

Ready to dive into the ultimate summer vibe? Join VU Influencers MikeyMoon, JasmineMoon, HectorKamacho & SwaggyDoo for a sun-drenched Tropical Bash by the Sea on July 18 at 11AM PDT! 🎉🌺

🔥 Whether you’re dancing in the sand or soaking up the sun, this is your chance to kick back and enjoy summer like never before. 🏄‍♂️🎶 Share your tropical moments and beachy vibes using #VUParty_GetWavey. 📸🍍

Room Link:

🗓️ July 19-21 

Weekend Outfit Challenge 

Prepare to check off boxes for this weekend’s outfit challenge. ☑️ Can you guess what this week’s theme is? Check on our Instagram and IMVUSocial on Friday, June 28th at 9am PT for the theme announcement. 

Week 4: IMVU Games 

It’s IMVU Games Week! Dress up to different sports events throughout the week for a chance to win a gold medal and a wishlist item up to 20K Credits.

🗓️ July 22-28 

Olympic Shopping Marathon 

Ready, set, save! 🏃 Race through a week-long marathon of our BEST deals on mobile and desktop starting today! Join the winner’s circle of savings 🤑 and don’t miss out on this thrilling shopping sprint. Check back every day to grab the best offers before they’re gone!

🗓️ July 22 

Game Of The Day: Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

🗓️ July 23 

Game Of The Day: Basketball 🏀

🗓️ July 24 

Game Of The Day: Surfing 🏄‍♂️

🗓️🥳 July 24

VUI Party: Paris Party

🔥 Experience the romance and glamour of the City of Lights as we bring Paris to you! Join VU influencers BellaQuinn21 and Jewlie for an enchanting party in Paris, happening July 24 at 3PM PT 🇫🇷✨

🌟 Let’s make this gathering magnifique! Share your Parisian moments to feed using #VUParty_Paris. 📸🎶

Room Link:

🗓️ July 25 

Game Of The Day: Tennis 🎾

🗓️🥳 July 26

VUI Party: London Party

Get ready to experience the bustling charm of London! Join VU Influencer Claairree for a day of fun and fashion during an unforgettable party in London, happening July 26 at 10AM PDT! 🌁🕰️

🌟 Let’s make this party brilliant! Share your London-inspired moments using #VUParty_London. 📸👑

Room Link:

🗓️ July 26-28 

Weekend Outfit Challenge 

Rep your country for this weekend’s challenge. Check on our Instagram and IMVUSocial at 9am PT to see what the theme is. 

🗓️ July 29 

Game Of The Day: Beach Volleyball 🏐

🗓️ July 30 

Game Of The Day: Golfing ⛳

🗓️ July 31 

Discover Theme of The Day: IMVU Games 

Wrap up IMVU Games Week by posing with the IMVU Flag. This is also the moment to show off your gold medal 🏅 if you won any of the Games this week. Snap a photo 🤳 at your fave sports event and tag #VU_IMVUGames.