BTA: Polystyrene

A Creator for as long as we can remember.  She’s known for her quirky humor, sausages, multi-colored PolyPots, potatoes, solid gold skin, and dragons. Polystyrene is a Creator like no other.  She started IMVU in 2006 and quickly realized she wanted to try creating – only not what most create (trends, fashion, beauty). Nope!  Poly, as her friends call her, is known for so much more, and she prefers it that way.  Keep it funny, keep it silly, express yourself…. or nothing.  Here’s Poly.

IMVU: How long have you been a user on IMVU?

Since July 2006. I became a creator a few months later.

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

Being able to earn an income from home, in my own time and at my own pace, doing something I enjoy. I have anxiety and depression which makes keeping a “normal” job very difficult for me, so I’m happy to have been able to build a business on IMVU.

IMVU: What’s your favorite thing to do on IMVU?

Creating stupid stuff. Like sausages, the crab dance, and various silly poses.

IMVU: What do you wish to do more of on IMVU?

I don’t really chat a lot these days as most of my time on IMVU is spent creating. But I’ve met some great people here over the last year or two and it would be nice to spend more time hanging out in chat rooms and taking silly photos with them.

IMVU: Who is your BFF on IMVU?

 I’ve made quite a few good friends over the year but the one person who has stuck is SecondHarvest. He helped get me started with meshing and has been a great friend ever since – though these days we interact more outside of IMVU.

IMVU: What’s your greatest strength? Weakness?

I suppose a strength is being able to think outside the box a bit in terms of creating. I don’t just go for what is fashionable or popular and I like to try to find ways of doing things that haven’t been done already. Although this often leads to my big weakness – getting very frustrated and cranky when I’m trying to make a mesh or animation and I can’t get it to look how I want.

IMVU: What was your favorite moment on IMVU that you can remember?

When I submitted my first ever mesh. I was SO EXCITED! Meshing is something that so many creators strive to do, so to be finally doing it was a pretty big thing.

IMVU: Do you have an Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Social media and would you like us to use it or shout you out?

 Sure! Follow me on my Instagram account: @polystyrene.imvu

IMVU: Can you share 3-5 photos of your favorite IMVU moments?

 When I made the room for all the entries in a contest to derive from my balloon mesh – there were so many lovely entries which helped the room turn out so pretty and lots of people loved it which made me really happy!

Halloween last year when I was a fitness zombie.

That time I rode a shark.

This is from the Ukulele Flashmob!