Our Birthday Wishes to You

IMVU is turning 19 this April! That’s 19 years of expanding our real world into the digital world, 19 years of connecting friends, and 19 years of making memories! We wouldn’t be here without YOU, which is why we want to take the entire month to celebrate YOU, the community, in big and small ways.

All month long, we’re bringing you special events with free prizes & giveaways, big deals, and even more opportunities to celebrate our amazing community.

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Your Social Club Calendar

March 30

We can’t help ourselves, we love celebrating our birthday with YOU, so we’re kicking it off early! Join us for our Weekend Outfit Challenge and an exclusive VIP sale – the biggest and best of the year! Check Discover and your Inbox for theme announcements and more details. 

March 31

For a limited time, you can get a FREE Age Verification Token* when you join VIP by Sunday, 4/2. You’ll need VIP access to get our exclusive party invites and super cute free gifts! Don’t miss out; this deal doesn’t last the whole month. *Must be 18+ years old to be eligible for this offer. Join VIP today!

April 1

Login today and all month long for a mega streak to earn FREE Promo Credits! You must login 30 days in a row to receive your rewards along the way. If you happen to miss a day, don’t worry! We’ll give you a few extra tries. 

April 3

By popular demand, Seek and Snap has returned, this time a celebration edition.  Starting April 3rd, we’ll reveal the daily theme on Discover, then, all you have to do is snap a photo with the revealed item and share! We’ll feature the best photos the next day and send a Credits reward to those featured! 

April 6

VU Influencer Davon is hosting a pool party DJ set! Join his party at 10 am PST. Dress code is swimwear and good vibes. Link will drop on Discover and Social in advance of the party.  

April 7

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday means Weekend Outfit Challenge. Suit up and get ready for a new theme announcement and a new chance to be featured on Discover and snag FREE Credits. Make sure you follow IMVUSocial and your app notifications are ON! 

April 8

VU Influencer iovemarie is hosting a Pin Up Glam party. Party like a rockstar on Saturday from 8 am – 4 pm PST and check out the lush experience iovemarie has created just for you. Link will drop on Discover and Social in advance of the party.  

April 14

To help us celebrate IMVU as the world’s largest Web3 and social metaverse, we’re excited to welcome Nadya Tolokonnikova to IMVU as she launches Utopia and the Pink Church of Matriarchy. We’ll have exclusive Quests (starting Monday, April 17!), and NFT drops in April with bonus events all year long! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

In addition to all the amazing fun that Nadya is bringing to IMVU, we’re also launching our Weekend Outfit Challenge and Birthday Wishes Party hosted by Davon and Sossy. Check Discover for challenge and party details on the day. Everyone is invited to the party and everyone who attends during our set shindig times (10 AM – 12 PM PST and 3-4 PM PST) will receive an extra birthday gift from us. If you’re VIP, you’ll get an even bigger birthday bonus! Upgrade to VIP with our special access link.

April 17

Starting Monday, April, we’re gearing up for the best Birthday Party ever! We’re going full Disco and Glitter. All week long, you’ll get a chance to join our party when you level up and secure your VIP status. If you missed our Birthday Wishes VIP party, consider this your second chance! 

Bonus rewards include login promo credits and more. Stay tuned for our disco festivities this week and make sure your notifications are turned ON for peak rewards and updates. 

April 20

Everyone deserves a high five on National High Five Day! Enjoy a special 1-day login streak. Consider it our virtual metaverse high five!

April 21

It’s time to get groovy, baby! We’re in our Disco era and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you along on the journey this weekend! We’re kicking it off right with disco parties, outfit challenges, and even an exclusive AP After Dark birthday party! 

Want in? Make sure you’re VIP so you receive our invite and special gifts; and if you want into the after party, make sure you’re all set for Access Pass. Keep a close eye on Discover for Weekend Outfit Challenge details! They’ll be coming in hot so you shine bright, just like a disco ball! 

April 22

Are you reading this on your phone? Cool, go outside and celebrate Mother Earth, she deserves a hug. We’ll send one back to you (aka Promo Credits) when you login to IMVU on Earth Day! 

April 25

We’ve made it through the April showers, now let’s show off those pastels in our latest outfit challenge. Details of our new Quest will launch April 25 at noon PST! Make sure your notifications are ON.

April 28

Grab your two piece set, floral shirt, and slides and head to your dream festival this weekend! Full outfit challenge details will be revealed on Discover at noon PST! 

Join the Conversation

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