Welcome to Utopia

Presented by Nadya Tolokonnikova x IMVU

Renowned as the creator of Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova, performance artist, feminist, and political activist, has chosen IMVU to launch her first-ever metaverse community, Utopia.

Passionate about Web3 and NFTs as a force to expand participation and lead communities toward gender equality, activism, and social justice, Nadya envisioned Utopia as a space for connection, self-expression, and creativity, where everyone is welcome.

Step into Utopia, where you can expect exclusive NFT drops, unique in-world experiences, and an opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way. Stay tuned for Quests (with free NFTs!), hosted parties, and more! We’ll be blasting out all the fun around IMVU, but you can always return to this blog to get the latest details and lineup.

welcome to utopia with nadya and pussyriot

Your Utopia Social Club Calendar

Free Gifts

To celebrate the launch of Utopia, Nadya and IMVU are giving away a free white balaclava that will be dropped into your inventory on April 12! The balaclava is essential PV$$YRIOT gear and iconic to what Nadya wore during her Punk Prayer performance and protest in 2012, after which she was arrested and charged with hooliganism. 

Wear your balaclava in the Pink Church of Feminism, Nadya’s custom room on IMVU, and share your passion for freedom, equality, feminism, and Utopia. 

NFT Drops

Nadya is excited to announce four exclusive NFT drops coming to IMVU; the first collection will drop April 14 at 10 AM PST and will be signed by Nadya. Included in this drop is essential Riot gear so you can represent the Utopia community. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Кризисная группа СК SOS, a Chechen organization that assists LGBTQIA+ individuals leaving regions in the North Caucasus due to the threat of discrimination and violence, while also providing housing, legal, financial and medical assistance. 

Additional drops will be coming throughout the year, themed to perfection. Stay tuned for more and set your notification alerts in app and on Instagram @IMVU.

Nadya’s Utopia Quest

In addition to an epic NFT drop, we’re launching a brand new Quest to help you discover all things Utopia. Add Nadya as a friend and explore her Pussy Riot Pink Church of Feminism. Utopia is a safe space for all friends, and everyone is welcome. 

Start the Utopia Quest on April 17 at noon PST. Make sure your notifications are on so you can be one of the first to earn an exclusive NFT reward. 

Even More Events

We can’t help but be excited, so we’re giving you the scoop now! Nadya will launch a Pride party in June to further celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Stay tuned for your official social club calendar. We’ll update this blog with everything you need to know.