Creator Spotlight: Mythical Multiverse Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner and the Runners Up of our Mythical Multiverse Creator Contest! A huge thank you to all who entered; your stories were inspiring!

Check out our amazing Creators as they dive into the Mythical Multiverse. Whose story do you love the most? 

Grand Prize Winner: Chybi

mythical multiverse winners, chybi

Fire and Ice by Chybi

Orbiting a sun in another realm are two warring planets, one forged in blazing fire and the other formed in glacial ice. 

The ice planet’s fiercest guardian ’Rima’ is gifted with cryokinesis (the ability to psychically control cold and ice) and the only one able to conjure ice-fire. Rima has always loved her frozen planet’s vast swathes of tundra and glaciers, finding them a constant source of strength and power. Being born with her powers, she has always felt a special connection to the frost planet she calls home. As the only one with ice-fire, she is often admired, respected and believed to be a blessing by the people of the planet that she has sworn to never use her incredible gifts to hurt. The ice crystal core within Rima taken from the crystal in the deepest cavern, is what fuels her desire to protect and preserve her planet’s sovereignty from the aggressive and ruthless fire planet.

‘Kaliyma’ is the fire planet’s most lethal warrior gifted with pyrokinesis (ability to telekinetically control fire) and the only one to be able to manifest blue fire, the very same fire that the planet itself was forged in. Being born with her gifts she grew up quickly surpassing even the most skilled and talented warriors. However, with her heart made of blue fire she is unable to overcome the aggression and rage, turning her abilities on anyone and anything, making her into one of the most feared warriors of the fire people. Even though her home is the fire planet she has always been envious of the ice planet and its cool and calming nature believing that if she can just conquer the planet for herself it will help to cool her burning rage within.

Having known about each other since they were both young girls, born of the same seed from the sun itself, they live in a constant state of attack and defense as neither one will relent or give up what they believe in. The only thing either one is more afraid of than death is that the other will succeed.

Runner Up: Aegod

light vs dark mythical multiverse creator, aegod

Dark and Light by Aegod

Once upon a time, there were people who adored light. Every morning, as soon as the sun rose, they were awake, chanting songs of joy for the light. And every evening when the sun went down, they sang other songs, melancholy songs, songs about missing the light of the sun. They were enamored by the brightness.

They despised the darkness.They would rush to bed once darkness fell every night since they could only handle the gloom while sleeping. Even back then, utter darkness was terrifying to them, so they constantly maintained a fire going in every chamber.

Two wonderful youngsters have now been born in this area. They were identical twins. One was a female who seemed to glow from inside. Everything seemed to brighten up when she walked into a room. And the general public adored her. The other was a youngster who appeared to bring with him darkness. When he walked into a room, everything appeared to fade. And the people disliked him. They scared him because he reminded them of the night’s immense blackness.

As they got older, it became evident that these were, in fact, magical children. The girl has the ability to restore life after it has been wounded or lost. She could heal minor scratches and bruises when she was a tiny child. She could repair shattered bones and other major injuries as she grew older. She could make the crops grow quicker, bigger, and fuller by the time she was a teenager. She possessed the ability to resurrect dead plants and animals. Many speculated she could even resurrect individuals, but they were too terrified to ask, and she didn’t offer.

The boy, on the other hand, has the ability to soothe and quiet any situation. As he was a tiny child, he could help his family sleep faster, relieving them of their fear of the dark. When he was a bit older, he could calm scared animals and make them motionless. Occasionally he would go to an injured animal or human first, calming them down enough for his sister’s healing ability to work. He could calm storms, winds, and showers by the time he was a teenager. He could bring things to a halt.

For the first time in their lives, the people relaxed, were joyful, and loved the darkness. The sun eventually rose again. They came out of their mattresses and sung songs to welcome the arrival of the light. They didn’t feel like singing their melancholy songs towards the end of the day, as the sun began to fall into the horizon. Instead, one of the musicians began performing a new tune, a calm, peaceful gratitude song for the night. Soon after, the others joined in.It was adopted as their new sunset song.

And the boy and the girl grew up to be man and woman, and both were well-liked by the people.People remembered that light and darkness are the finest in harmony when they looked at them, who were still the best of friends as well as siblings.

Runner Up: SirenaRoga

sirenaroga mythical multiverse creator imvu

Dark and Light by SirenaRoga

Infernalus is a fiery and tumultuous planet, with constant volcanic activity and extreme weather conditions. The skies are a deep shade of red, and the air is often thick with smoke and ash. The planet’s inhabitants are demonic beings with superpowers, thriving in the harsh environment. Despite the planet’s dangerous conditions, the demons of Infernalus view it as home and fiercely defend it against any threats.

Just such a defender is Xul’oran, a powerful and fierce demon who possesses superhuman strength and the ability to control fire and shadow. She fights for the protection and freedom of her people, a powerful warrior at the head of Infernalus’ army.

Araqiel, a beautiful but cruel angel, comes from Celestiax. She can fly, and manipulate light, using it to create deadly weapons. She uses her powers for her own selfish gain and seeks to dominate the universe with the power of her planet.

Celestiax is a stunningly beautiful planet with a kaleidoscope of colors and awe-inspiring natural wonders, like cascading waterfalls and towering mountains. However, the planet is unkind and harsh, much like it’s inhabitant. The air thick with poisonous gases, and the climate is unpredictable, with violent storms and extreme temperatures. The angelic beings who live there possess powers over light and sound, but their powers would be tainted by the harshness of the planet, making them unpredictable and volatile.

Xul’oran and Araqiel cross paths when Araqiel discovers the existence of Infernalus and its valuable resources. She plans to invade and conquer the planet to use its resources to increase her own power. Xul’oran and her demon army stand in her way, determined to protect their home and their way of life.

The battle between the two worlds is fierce, with Araqiel using her light to blind the demon army and creating razor-edged light weapons to slice at Xul’oran and her soldiers. Xul’oran leads her army with bravery and determination, using her strength and control of fire and shadow to counter Araqiel’s attacks.

As the battle rages on, Xul’oran’s army starts to gain the upper hand. Araqiel realizes that she is losing and unleashes her full power, hoping to turn the tide of the battle. But Xul’oran is not intimidated and bands together with her army calling forth the darkness of Infernalus.

It consumes Araqiel, and she falls to the ground defeated. Xul’oran emerges victorious, and her army cheers in triumph. With Araqiel’s defeat, the demon world of Infernalus is saved from the threat of invasion and domination.

Xul’oran returns to her home planet as a hero, revered by her people for her bravery and strength. Araqiel, on the other hand, is banished from Celestiax for her failure to conquer Infernalus. Defeated but not broken, Araqiel vows to continue the fight, no matter the cost.

In the end, Xul’oran and Araqiel remain enemies, their worlds still locked in a struggle for survival.

Runner Up: NightViOwl

nightviowl mythical multiverse imvu

Dark and Light by NightViOwl

Inizialmente Lux e Tenebris non erano due creature distinte ma una stessa magica creatura nata nel regno della luce solo che aveva dentro di sè una componente oscura che l’attraeva e la spingeva verso il buio, così venne cacciata dal regno della luce e vagò per decenni finché un maga non separò Lux e Tenebris, ora esistevano due creature distinte, una appartenente solo alla luce e l’altra solo al buio e in perenne lotta fra loro.

English Translation
Initially Lux and Tenebris were not two distinct creatures but the same magical creature born in the realm of light only, they had within itself a dark component that attracted it and pushed it towards the dark; so it was kicked out of the realm of light and wandered for decades until a sorceress separated Lux and Tenebris. Now there were two distinct creatures, one belonging only to the light and the other only to the dark and in constant struggle with each other.

Runner Up: MyStyle

mystyle mythical multiverse imvu

Dark and Light by MyStyle

Super Shadow is a superheroine with exceptional powers. Her main power was to become invisible in the shadows and in the night. This ability allowed her to save many people and to defeat numerous villains who attempted to commit illicit deeds under cover of darkness.

Unfortunately, one day a new threat presented itself. It was Lady Light, a villain with the power of light. With her gift, she was able to blind all who looked at her, to chase away shadows and to reveal those who lurked in the dark.

Lady Light began to use her powers to commit crimes, exploiting her ability to make visible anything she struck with her power. Super Shadow tried to stop her, but it was hard to hit a target she couldn’t see. Enraged by her new adversary, Super Shadow mustered the courage to challenge her to a battle of superpowers.

The battle was intense and Lady Light used her powers to blind Super Shadow and force him out of the hiding place of the shadows. But Super Shadow was a ruse: she understood that the only way to defeat Lady Light was to draw her into the darkness.

So, she used her invisible ability to drag Lady Light into a dark, windowless room, where the light would do little. Once there, Lady Light had become useless and Super Shadow was able to knock her down, until the police came to take her away.

Since then, Lady Light has been in prison, while Super Shadow continues to protect the city from evil and wickedness. They used both powers differently, with light and dark, but only Super Shadow was lawful and just.