Get The Vu Look: Scalers

Summer is upon us, and sometimes, we want a little help to look our best.

Good thing is that on IMVU, you can make any of your #summergoals come true. Enter scalers.

Scalers can help to widen out your hips, and add a little weight on your body to an exact percentage. With so many to choose from, it’s quite easy to find one to fit your specifications. It just takes a little patience, and maybe even the right key word search.

User @Coolmia1 (click the username to see the original post!)

To search, go to “Shop” and search “hip scalers” or “thigh scalers” under “Accessories” to view the entire catalog of scalers that are offered on IMVU. Try a few on for size and see what works for you.

TIP: Try typing in “slim thick” under “Accessories” to find scalers that can work with the clothes that you already have (these ones generally work and override any other scalers that you might have on).

User @JaeJaeXOXO (click the username to see the original post!)

If you’re not ready to commit to scalers for your avi as part of it’s DNA, consider finding jeans that can augment your best assets for a one time fit.

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TIP: Type in RLL (real life large!) or RLXL (for those so inclined 😉😏) under “Bottoms” when you’re shopping. It’ll bring up the items that accentuate your hips for just the right occasion.

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