How to Be Featured on Discover

It’s no secret that we all love IMVU’s Discover Feed, showcasing the very best from our community! Plus, as an added bonus, our featured users gain more exposure, recognition, and likes; it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?! But how do you get featured?  We’ll reveal our tips, so keep reading for the inside scoop. 

At IMVU, we are a community that welcomes every race, color, and gender. We want to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate and get featured. 

*Please note that anyone can get featured, but we do not guarantee that anyone will be featured at any time.*

featured discover image
featured discover image

Our Top Tips 

Tip 1: High-quality avatars

Having a high-quality image is so important because it features all the best parts of IMVU. When we say high-quality avatars, we’re talking about aesthetics and how your avatar and overall picture look. 

Your photo should include the following:

  • Lighting, color, distinct features
  • Clear features and no glitchy
  • An interesting background 
  • Trendy outfits from our catalog
  • Good image resolution, no pixels, please!
  • Fun accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.
  • Great hairstyle
  • Good posture and angle of the body, with no disproportionate parts

Your photo can feature just you, a crush or partner, or your besties!

Tip 2: Cool background

Adding a background is so important and gives your photo an environment and a mood. Snap a pic in your fave room or explore one of the hundreds of thousands of themed rooms! Tag your location and tell us where you took the pic.

Tip 3: Add a caption and a hashtag

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a caption helps us know what you’re thinking! By adding a descriptive caption, you are telling a story, motivating us, and allowing us to experience emotion through it. Keep it short and to the point. If you’re posting for a specific campaign, don’t forget to include the hashtag in your caption! 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Add emojis 😃
  • Add a hashtag 
  • Add a quote
  • Make it catchy (something that will keep us reading)
  • Keep it short and sweet 💕

Tip 4: Find Inspiration

Creativity can simply mean thinking outside the box and using your imagination, but we understand being creative can be difficult at times. And that’s why we recommend jumping into any new campaigns we launch, everything from Weekend Outfit Challenges to Moodboards to hosted parties to our monthly themed social events.

featured discover image
featured discover image
featured discover image
featured discover image
featured discover image
featured discover image

Our Goal for the Discover Feed

Our goal is to curate and present images that are entertaining, diverse, fresh, positive, informative, inspiring, and encouraging on the Discover Feed. We want to be able to feature as many users as possible and we’re working hard to increase the number of users featured every month; so check back often to see if you’re selected! 

Follow IMVU Guidelines

We want to make sure our Discover Feed is an inclusive experience and welcoming space for everyone, and there are certain things we do not post. To be featured, you must adhere to our community guidelines.

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