BTA: Stessy

We teamed up with a few artists and Creators for our #IMVUAdvent Calendar on Instagram. One of them was Stessy, a Creator who is known for some of her killer poses. Check out her story below, Behind The Avatar. 

IMVU: What’s your Avatar Name?

Stessy: I’m Stessy And Stassy !

IMVU: How did you get started on IMVU?

S: I [started a] long [time] ago. A friend had [told] me [about] this game …and I became hooked.

IMVU: How long have you been a creator – and how was that transition from user to creator?

S: Before I had a group of friends with whom we had said to ourselves that we wanted to become “FAMOUS” and for it we [started] creating because we wanted to have the PRO badge level. This is how I began to create and how I became creative – because I wanted of the recognition.

IMVU: How do you describe your shop – what do you specifically create?

S: To describe my shop in 3 words – trendy, classy and streetwear.

IMVU: What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop and why?

S: My favorite piece in my store is my avatar “Minoera”, because I had a lot of success and sales [because of it], haha.

IMVU: How often are you creating new products?

S: Oh, I create much less than [I used to]. I create approximately 7 avatars a month, sometimes more sometimes less. Everything depends on my time and especially on my humor.

IMVU: How has IMVU helped you in a personal way – if any?

S: IMVU HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! It is really one of the better things that has happened to me and I [hope you can experience it].

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

S: I am going to separate this question in 2 part :

  1. The users: To make friends! I have had several subjects of conversation with people, which maybe in real life I never would have. IMVU is a platform of sharing, [whether it’s] emotional or creative.

  2. Creator Program: When you are a Creator on IMVU, you have a big freedom to create. If I wanted to make a t-shirt tomorrow and sell it blind, I can! Because IMVU lets us have our creativity and to make something as well.

IMVU: Any suggestions/words of advice for someone who’s just starting out as a creator?

S: Never abandon! And do not believe that it is impossible… EVERYTHING is possible. I put 3 years in as a [Creator before every being recognized].