VU MODEL: Announcing The Bubblegum Brat @Therapist

IMVU’s Drag Race hosted by Panthera! Special Competition Winner

Behind the Avatar: The Bubblegum Brat @Therapist

Therapist, otherwise known as Annie Oxidant in Season 1 of the first official IMVU Drag Race has been very active on IMVU for seven years sharing his charisma, uniqueness, nerve, AND talent in Drag outfits. He was recently the winner of the Drag Race’s Bubblegum Brat challenge.

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IMVU: How long have you been a user on IMVU?

I’ve been a user on IMVU for 10 years, but I’ve had this account for 6!

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

I love that IMVU gives me the freedom to express myself in anyway possible. It lets me connect with people that share the same interests and create memories.

IMVU: What’s your favorite thing to do on IMVU?

I love to shop & take photos! I also create badges and I love to trade and display my badges!

*Check out Therapist’s shop here!

IMVU: What do you wish to do more of on IMVU?

Become more of an influencer. I’ve always wanted to work for IMVU, so this is a first step to help and work for the community of IMVU! I also just started creating so I hope to succeed and become a pro creator!

IMVU: Who is your BFF on IMVU?

@CarmenKingy Is my best friend on IMVU! <3

IMVU: What’s your greatest strength? Weakness?

My greatest strength, is being personable. I’m a very outgoing and creative person and always put myself in others’ shoes. My biggest weakness would have to be time management!

IMVU: What was your favorite moment on IMVU that you can remember?

My favorite moment was being on IMVU Drag Race, and seeing all the people rooting for me in the live event. That was really cool!

IMVU: Do you have any advice for model hopefuls in the community?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Make an Instagram and take photos of your avatar and find a style that fits you and always enjoy what you do. If you’re passionate enough about it, you’ll stick out. I promise.

We thank Therapist for taking the time for this interview. You can follow or friend Therapist and see his feed on IMVU here.


Check out the VU Model landing page for more information on the next Open Calls! Remember to congratulate @Therapist if you see him!