Top Edit Tuesday!

Our social team celebrates the creativity of IMVU by featuring images that are augmented with a little extra flair.  We call it Top Edit Tuesday.

Every week we see creativity that is even more sophisticated than the last.  While our social team features these images on the Discover section of IMVU, it’s important to know that we curate the content from Instagram via #TopEditTuesday.

If you’re wondering how to get your #TopEditTuesday featured by our team on the Discover section of IMVU, we hope that this will answer your questions.  Feel free to come back to this post to double check that your edit isn’t disqualified and therefore, not able to be featured.

Here’s how to participate in #TopEditTuesday:

  • Use filters.
  • Add highlights and shadows.
  • Repaint.
  • Enhance your image with lens flares, contouring, text overlay.
  • Change the background.
  • Add a shadow to your avatar.
  • Make sure your images are made on a 1024×1024 canvas for the best quality.
  • If you are posting a commissioned edit (created by a Custom Editor), please credit the artist in your photo caption.

And here’s what to watch out for:

  • NO real life backgrounds/images, unless they are your own pictures from your smartphone or camera (this includes “morph” edits, where a real life photo is used instead of an IMVU-shot image).  
  • NO copyright images or logos. This could mean artwork or any brand logos in your photo.
  • NO advertising. This isn’t for Creators or other users to use this program as a way to advertise. Any images with a clear “SHOP ME!” or “VISIT THIS” do not get featured.
  • NO AP products or AP looking images in the edit. 
  • NO images copied from an internet search.
  • NO images of celebrities or public figures.
  • NO replications of other artworks (if you cannot provide proof of creating process).
  • NO excessive spamming of the same TET image. Be sure the above guidelines are being followed for the best chance to be featured on Discover!

Below are two examples of “IMVU Edits”. The based of these image are IMVU avatars and then painted over to capture this artist’s signature look. A text overlay gives credit to a work of art.

Top Edit Tuesday by Roy

Pre-Paint IMVU Image by Roy









Top Edit Tuesday by Roy

Pre-Painting IMVU Image by Roy










This is a simple approach to an edited image.  This Top Edit Tuesday by MissMaya is more of an enhanced image using a simple filter and updated light source. This type of enhancement is popular and easy to do. 

Top Edit Tuesday by MissMaya

Pre-filter IMVU image by MissMaya









Here is an example of an image overlay to create a beach scene with an added touch of purple light filter and enhanced light treatment.

Top Edit Tuesday by MissMaya

Pre-Filter IMVU Image by MissMaya












This brilliant edit by llZEOll was created using several different options:a bokeh overlay on the entire image, an enhanced light source to highlight the avatar, shadows to add dramatic effect, and contouring to get the perfect makeup.

Top Edit Tuesday by llZEOll

How llZEOll Created Her Edit









Everyone on IMVU is invited to enhance their IMVU pictures on Tuesdays.  We look forward to seeing your creativity shine and featuring it for the rest of the community to see.

Head to IMVU Discover to get inspired and enter with #TopEditTuesday to be featured!



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