BTA: Meet IMVU Creator, EsmeShaw

New to the IMVU Creator scene, EsmeShaw, is a rising star in IMVU fashion, quickly amassing a major following to her collections of glam streetwear with a flair. It’s obvious that she spends time on the details because her photo galleries include everything from dope sneakers, to painstakingly mutilated jeans, to statement-worthy sweats and cropped tops. We recently got in touch with Esme who is busier than ever and asked how she got started as a Creator.

“Though it’s definitely an investment at first, if you already have skills and knowledge of 3D art and 2D editing skills, (I know this is rare!) the investment is 100% worth it, and if you’re willing to invest the time and money to learn I would say I’d recommend it! With most things in life things do take a while to start up, but it’s not impossible. As a newish Creator on IMVU (I’ve been there for just over a year) I’d say it’s extremely fun and can be rewarding, just to see how your work improves with each upload! So if anybody wants to try please don’t be disheartened. I know everyone’s experience won’t be the same! But for some a year down the line you’d be happy you started.”

IMVU: How did you get started on IMVU? 

I saw an ad about starting your own business online as a 3D Creator. I’ve always been into “fashion” and I studied 3D art at school, so I thought why not give it a try as I already had some knowledge. I didn’t think much of it as a business at the beginning, more as a side hobby.

IMVU: How long have you been a Creator – and how was that transition from user to Creator? 

I’ve been an IMVU Creator for just over a year now. I started creating I believe a month after I first joined the site, I wouldn’t say there was much of a transition because during my time on IMVU I’ve mainly always created. 

IMVU: How do you describe your shop – what do you specifically create? 

I’d call my shop a “fashion” store, I create mainly clothes and accessories.

IMVU: What are some of your favorite pieces in your shop and why? 

My favourite pieces would have to be my earrings and glasses, I feel like accessories do a great job of tying an outfit together. I’d say my style on IMVU is definitely more flashy, My IMVU avatar is more of my somewhat alter ego.


IMVU: How often are you creating new products? 

I try to upload new products weekly.

IMVU: How often do you log onto IMVU? 

I log into IMVU multiple times a week, I’m usually online in create mode in my own little world. 

IMVU: How has IMVU helped you in a personal way – if any? 

IMVU is a place I can come to when the real world is perhaps being too much. It’s my perfect getaway! Where I can come and work on skills I am passionate about in the real world whilst furthering my brand on IMVU.

IMVU: Do you feel like there’s any overlap at all with regards to your personal life as opposed to your IMVU life? Why or why not? 

Yes, IMVU has over the year I’ve been creating, became my highest form of income. It’s now my job. The best part of it being so is that it doesn’t feel like it! I’m being paid for my hobby, and that will always be unreal to me!

IMVU: Have you ever met with your IMVU friends IRL? Or do you prefer to keep things separate?

I wouldn’t be opposed to meeting IMVU friends some time in the future.

IMVU: What other Creators/users do you admire and why? 

I’d say my favourite Creators are Farwah and Melomanie. Farwah’s clothing is out of this world, with such a different style from mine and what I am used to seeing on IMVU. And Melomaine’s furniture and home products are amazing, their accent pieces really make a room pop! I can spend hours in their store.

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why? 

This may be a cliche answer, but what I really like about IMVU is coming to a place where you can become whoever you want. A fashion designer, an architect or a mermaid. The possibilities are truly endless!

IMVU: Any secret tips/tricks from being a user this past year? Something maybe your average user wouldn’t know? 

I wouldn’t say I have any secrets, I just go with the flow.

IMVU: Any suggestions/words of advice for someone who’s just starting out as a Creator? 

I saw this a lot when creating, and I know some may roll their eyes to it. But, create for yourself I think creating should be joyful, make products for your store that you want to wear and or use. I think if you create what you think people want whilst not being true to yourself that could make creating feel more like a chore rather than something to be enjoyed.



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