VU Model Winner: Laynasmith10

Spring 2019 Winner

Behind the Avatar: The Face of IMVU @Laynasmith10

With her striking dark features put against her cool blonde hair, Laynasmith10 joins the VU Model roster, bringing with her an edgy, sophisticated look that we are thrilled to be working with. A prolific IMVU user, Layna describes why she shares her life on the site.

IMVU: How long have you been a user on IMVU?

It has been almost 3 spectacular years in IMVU. 2 years and 10 months (lol) to be exact.

IMVU: What do you like about IMVU? Why?

I love IMVU because first, it is a user friendly 3D chat app. I don’t need a manual to learn how to play in IMVU and it is easy to access.

Second, the networking in IMVU. I can easily connect with people all around the world.

Third, I can share my IMVU life with the rest of the world through the IMVU feed.

And finally, I can shop till I drop in IMVU shop. There’s always new products in IMVU!

IMVU: What’s your favorite thing to do on IMVU?

I love to be bold and beautiful in IMVU. Wearing beautiful outfits and taking pictures in amazing rooms [is my favorite thing to do] in IMVU. The best part is that I can show my various and versatile fashion and style to others through the IMVU feed.


IMVU: What do you wish to do more of on IMVU?

I wish I could show my potential in editing pictures. Through IMVU, I want to spread the love of fashion and music. How do I do that? I am in the process of making video songs that shows my IMVU live or moments. I could make video on fashion shows and publish it in my YouTube Channel as well as share my links on the IMVU feed!

Note from IMVU: See IMVU’s videos on How to Create an Edit and more on IMVU’s YouTube channel!


IMVU: Who is your BFF on IMVU? 

My BFF is of course my husband JaceSmith10. He is my best fashion and edit advisor.

IMVU: What’s your greatest strength? Weakness?

My strength is my personality. I am willing to grow and learn more. Never settle for ‘Good Enough’.

My weakness is a CAT! I cannot resist their cuteness. Personally is the time, time seems not enough for me to create great things in my life. However, I will always try to make time for it.


IMVU: What was your favorite moment on IMVU that you can remember?

My engagement and wedding day are my best and favorite moments in IMVU.

IMVU: Do you have any advice for model hopefuls in the community?

Be BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. This refers to your inner part of you. Be confident of your personality. Definitely you will shine inside out.


We sincerely thank Laynasmith10 for taking the time to speak with us. If you see her on IMVU, be sure to congratulate her and check out her YouTube channel!