Halloween 2023: IMVU’s Official Costume Guide

Prepare to be amazed this Halloween! Our incredible VU Influencers have truly outdone themselves with the most jaw-dropping, spine-tingling, and awe-inspiring costumes! This year’s guide features RozePetals, Davon, BellaQuinn21, KatalinaAva, oLOUo, itsRMBS, Roy, GoddessD0, and JAK3D0 with handpicked costumes to ensure that your Halloween is the best one yet! 

With the help of our VU Influencers, you can transform into anyone you want to be! Halloween is the one night of the year (or for IMVU, the one month!) when you can let your spooky self run free. But first, the biggest shoutout to our newest VU Influencer Creator, RozePetals, who has created new Halloween creations just for you. We had a chance to chat with RozePetals, and she revealed all the juicy details of her inspiration for these stunning costumes – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

halloween costumes promo image

For RozePetals, Halloween is a time to let true self shine and to show the world who she truly is. And trust us, her Lunar Witch costume will leave you absolutely spellbound! And if you’re feeling daring, her Bat Girl costume is sure to make you the star of the goth bar scene! We asked RozePetals what inspired her to create these amazing costumes, and she spilled all the beans:

“I love dressing up for Halloween. I know many say it’s because for a night you get to be someone else, but for me, it’s about showing a little bit of myself that I hide most of the year. The Lunar Witch represents my true pagan self, and Halloween is the perfect time to showcase that side of me. The Cat costume is how I dress in real life, with my bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters while watching Practical Magic. And as for Bat Girl, it’s inspired by my signature gothic pin-up girl style that I used to rock at the local goth bar.” – RozePetals

We are thrilled to give a huge shoutout to RozePetals and the other amazing VU Influencers for bringing these one-of-a-kind costumes to life! You can find their stunning costumes right here, and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic for yourself! Click the image to shop for their outfits.

Theme: Spine-Tingling

katalinaava halloween costume
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itsrmbs halloween costume
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Theme: Power Couple

jak3do & goddessd0 costume guide

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Theme: Straight Outta Roy’s Closet

Shop Roy’s costumes: Black modeled by Roy | Pink modeled by Davon

Theme: Make ‘Em Laugh

olouo costume
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Theme: Graveyard Chic

bellaquin21 costume
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