VU Influencer

Become the next face of IMVU! VU Influencer is IMVU’s official modeling and influencer program, designed to elevate your status as one of our elite VU Influencers. You’ll represent the IMVU brand, inspire the community, and share all the great things that IMVU has to offer. As a VU Influencer, you can be featured in campaigns, receive rewards, gain IMVU celeb status, host parties, and be featured on our social channels and on Discover!

Each month, IMVU will host a casting call as we search for 3 types of VU Influencers – IMVU’s most stylish member, VIP user, and Creator – to represent IMVU in upcoming campaigns. Each influencer’s active cycle will last for two months, with additional opportunities created specifically for our Influencer Alums. 

VU Influencer is your chance to partner with IMVU staff to share new events with the community, but there’s only one way to join our program – you must apply! 

How to Enter

IMVU users will have one week to enter for a chance to become a VU Influencer for the next cycle. To be considered for the program, you must submit your application and follow the instructions and complete all fields in this application form.

The application will reopen monthly! Stay tuned for updates on Discover and Instagram. Entries submitted in any other location will not be accepted. To be considered, you must complete the form linked above. Emails to staff do not qualify as an entry.

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Program Rewards

During each active cycle, our selected IMVU Influncers will receive the following rewards, based on their category. These rewards are only valid the first 3 months of your active influencer period.  

VU Influencer Rewards  Spotlight Influencer VIP Influencer Creator Influencer
Your choice of 50K Credits or 12,500 VCOIN ($50 value) 🎉 💎 🎨
Diamond VIP 3 Months**
($60 value)
🎉 💎 🎨
Model for Upcoming Campaign or Challenge 🎉 💎 🎨
Showcase in LookBook + Quarterly Class Photo 🎉 💎 🎨
Featured on Social + Discover 🎉 💎 🎨
Featured Party Promotion 🎉 💎 🎨
Featured Post on Discover Feed 🎉 💎 🎨
VIP Bonus: 1 Chat Room Slot ($30 value) 💎
VIP Bonus: 25K Credits
($25 value) + 5,000 VCOIN ($20 value)
Creator Bonus: Featured in upcoming Creator Showcase 🎨
Creator Bonus: Shopping Guide Feature 🎨

*VU Influencer is a reimagined and updated version of a former program called VU Model. If you previously entered and won VU Model, you are still eligible to enter VU Influencer.

**If your current VIP status conflicts with this reward, you’ll receive an item of equal value. 


To enter the VU Influencer Casting Call, all applicants must submit a valid entry using the VU Influencer Casting Call form.

To be a valid entry, please note the following:

  1. You must meet all Influencer Requirements, see below.
  2. You must complete all required fields in the form with accurate and relevant information.
  3. You must only enter in one category, duplicate entries will result in disqualification. 
  4. Your headshot cannot be edited.
  5. Your outfit should be trendy, up-to-date, and represent your style. Choose items that you love and are creative.
  6. Your outfit and look must be public. Follow the instructions listed in our FAQ for how to make your outfit public. 
  7. Your outfit does not contain any copyrighted or branded items.
  8. Your outfit must be suitable for General Audience, no Access Pass (AP) items permitted.
  9. You must post to Discover using #VUCasting. If you post, but do not include the hashtag, your entry will not be considered. 

Influencer Requirements

To be an eligible VU Influencer, users must: 

  • Have an account (and any affiliated alt accounts) in good standing that abides by IMVU’s Terms of Service.
  • Have a verified email address so we can communicate with you.
  • Follow Community Guidelines at all times when posting or creating user-generated content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many influencers are chosen during each casting call? During each casting call, there will be 3 influencers chosen – 1 for each category. Applicants will be required to self-select their category based on their current status. There may be times when additional influencers are chosen, but this information will be shared with all applicants prior to a casting call in a public space like the blog or a website page. 

2. What are the VU Influencer categories? The three influencer categories are as follows: 

  • Spotlight Influencer, this is our most general category and is open to all users regardless of tenure or level. 
  • VIP Influencer, this category is open only for our VIP users, all tiers and legacy users are accepted.
  • Creator Influencer, this category is only open for any Creator users, regardless of VIP status.

Applicants can only select one category to enter. Duplicate entries in multiple categories will result in disqualification.

3. How often will the casting call open? The casting call will open monthly, typically on the first or second Wednesday of every month and will remain open for one week.  IMVU reserves the right to adjust the cadence of the program. 

4. When will I know if I’ve been selected as a VU Influencer? IMVU will notify all influencers via email before the end of the same month as the Casting Call. We will strive to notify you as soon as possible, so make sure your email is valid and you check your spam! 

5. I applied, but I never heard back from IMVU. What’s next? Thank you for your application and interest in our VU Influencer program! With so many applications, we are unable to contact every applicant directly. If you don’t hear back from IMVU, you have not been selected for this month’s Casting Call and we encourage you to apply again next month! 

6. I am an influencer and I didn’t receive a certain reward. What should I do next? Oh no! This is definitely a mistake. Connect with your direct contact that notified you of your influencer status to confirm rewards.

7. I missed the casting call window, can I still submit my application? Unfortunately, not. If the casting call window has passed, the applications are closed. The casting call will reopen monthly, the first or second Wednesday of the month and will be open for one week. Make sure your notifications are turned on and your email is validated so you receive updates for the next opening. 

8. Where can I find information about the VU Influencer program? The best place to find additional information is the VU Influencer blog. We’ll keep the post updated with all relevant information; additionally, you can visit the VU Influencer Discussion Topic for further conversation. 

9. How long does an influencer’s cycle last? An influencer’s cycle lasts for two months. During the third month, all influencers will be considered VU Alums and part of an elite group of IMVU users. 

10. What do I get as a VU Alum? VU Alums will have special access to exclusive rewards as outlined by the IMVU team. These rewards will be communicated with the alums.

11. How do I make my outfit public? Login to IMVU on a web browser and go to: 

In the upper righthand corner, click on Settings.

Go to the last section titled, “My Outfits,” and adjust the outfit category setting so that Privacy is set as “for everyone.”

vu influencer - outfit support

Be sure to check that you have updated the privacy setting for the correct outfit category that you’d like modeled.

12. How do I find my outfit link? Login to IMVU on a web browser and go to: 

Select “info” on your desired outfit. This should match your headshot submission. Then COPY THE URL of that outfit from your browser.

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