How to Bring Life to Your Avatar, IMVU Spin Up

There’s no question that dressing up your IMVU avatar is super fun.  There’s no limit to how you can create your look and express yourself.  But the fun really comes to life in chat rooms, where you can not only meet up with friends, but you can take full control over what your avatar does, how it interacts, and how it shows up to the occasion.

In this IMVU Spin Up, we want to show you how to trigger your avatar to perform the actions that come with your starter inventory, on both your Desktop and Mobile app.  When you’re just starting a conversation with someone, it might help to use an action as an icebreaker.  Think about what you do in real life?  Do you shake hands?  Wave hello?  Same thing applies on IMVU. Here’s how!

IMVU Desktop App 

Your avatar can wave hello, clap, cheer and even breakdance in 2 easy steps! Here’s a few tips, and a few icebreakers if you’re feeling particularly outgoing today.

Step 1: Click on your avatar and you will get an actions menu. As you can already see there are a lot more actions available!

Step 2: Simply select the action you want your avatar to perform and watch. Some of these actions can also be triggered by typing a cue word… try them out for yourself. In chat type ‘OMG’ or ‘Hiya’ and watch your avatar!

Icebreaker! Choose “Crazy”, then watch your avi hold her finger up. Say “I have an idea. Let’s go shopping together!”

Icebreaker! Choose “clap” and say, “I just gotta say…you’re looking rull cuuuute. Standing ovation on your style.”

Pro tip: Type in “OMG” when you are chatting, watch your avatar’s head spin!

Try it!  Click or say “YAY” – You can do this!

CO-OP Actions

There are tons of actions that you can also perform as you interact with new friends. When you’re just starting a conversation with someone, actions will help you really demonstrate how you’re feeling.  You can use some of the actions to lively up the conversation and really connect, just like you would in real life.  Here are some ideas.

A bear hug is a great icebreaker right?

Step 1: Click on someone else’s avatar to get the co-op action menu. Some actions have symbols next to them meaning they are “VIP Only” or you need to be friends to perform that action.

Step 2: Select the action you want to perform with your friend. You know the saying that a friend is made when you both say “me too”? Try the chest bump and watch your avis animate. Celebrate! Your new friend on IMVU is made!

Everyone loves to dance on IMVU! It’s even more fun with a partner. Go ahead and get your Sync Dance on!

For our romantics. If you catch the eye of the cutie in the corner, try the Flying Cupid pose. Go ahead, be bold. Tell ’em how you feel.

Just bought the IMVU Shared Room upgrade? Go ahead and use the “Cradle” co-op action. Let ’em carry you over the threshold in your new Shared Room.

To download the IMVU Desktop app, please click here.

IMVU Mobile 

If you’re on the go, there are so many ways that you can use actions to liven up your actions even on our Mobile app.  Here are the basics, but you’re in charge of how you use them to make your connections, friendships, and relationships better as a result.  Get creative, try new things – and remember…there is someone behind the avatar you interacting with….so play nice.

Step 1: Tap the smiley face near your chat box. Here you have a selection of actions you can perform.

Step 2: Tap the action you want to do! Maybe you want to applaud someone’s joke or bust a move in the middle of the conversation. Everyone in the chat will be notified you performed an action and probably compelled to respond with their very own.  This is how the best conversations on IMVU get started!



But wait, it gets better! The more actions you trigger with your avatar, the more fun you’ll create.  Next, we’ll show you how to perform actions with your friends.

CO-OP Actions


Step 1: Tap the smiley face and filter by ‘group’ actions.


Step 2: Tap the action you want. How about a breakdance?

Step 3: Select the name of your friend with whom you want to perform the action.

BREAKDANCE! Looking good Prim!

What’s a better way to greet your friend other than with a massive bear hug squeeze?!  (Yaoski looks thrilled…)

Here’s an idea! Maybe humbly bow towards each other to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


To download IMVU Mobile, please click here or search for IMVU in the iTunes or Google Play store.

It’s that easy! Start adding more life to your IMVU conversations by having a lot more fun with actions!

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