Meet Zoey

The name “Zoey” has been behind the scenes here at IMVU. Somehow, “Zoey” has always been connected with the company, maybe not externally, but definitely internally. She was the “persona” associated with Facebook. And the one that was associated with Twitter.

We decided to take the persona and bring her to life.

Meet Zoey – your friend at IMVU that can guide you through IMVU, friend you, follow you, chat with you… just essentially connect with you.

There are amazing things that happen on IMVU everyday, most of which you may not see. Zoey can take you into the heart of it all.

Zoey will help you dress up your avatar, find the best rooms, introduce you to some of the best Creators, and get you invites to the best parties.

Zoey is here to guide you through your time on IMVU. To show you quick tips (*hiresnobg), teach you how to find the best dance moves (furniture, poses, or actions), or in general, be a friend to talk to when you need it most.

So we’ll start with dressing Zoey up –  shopping together, finalizing her look, and creating her style (an #IMVUGlowUp in real time, if you will).

So go ahead. Follow Zoey. Friend Zoey. Meet Zoey.